Australia’s Troublesome Halal Authority – AFIC

AFIC = The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils Inc

AFIC – The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils Inc.

AFIC is the oldest halal authority in Australia and was founded in 1964.

Wiki says AFIC is an umbrella group for various small Sunni Islamic groups and councils, and is a Sunni Islamic organisation.

Australian Federation of Islamic Councils

The first document we have for AFIC states that a two man delegation came over from Saudi Arabia in 1974 bearing a $1.2 million cheque – which was quite a lot of money in the mid 70s.
The ‘donation’ came with certain conditions, one of which was that the export of red meat to Saudi Arabia would only be permitted if it were halal certified.
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia put to the Whitlam Labor Government that AFIC would be its official halal certifier – for a fee placed on Australian abattoirs.

The second document we have for AFIC is dated 1987 in The Sydney Morning Herald which is entitled…


On 1st January 2015 AFIC claimed the usual GST Concession, Income Tax Exemption, FBT Rebate – ARBN 002757155

By 2017 it is reported that AFIC “sits on” $65 million in assets in The Sydney Morning Herald on February 20th here…

‘Like a script from a mafia movie’: Peak Muslim body AFIC descends into turmoil.

AFIC which administers halal certification, is made up of nine state and territory Islamic councils including Christmas Island and controls six Islamic schools
A federal government audit in 2015 found all six schools were run improperly.
About $19 million in federal funding was withdrawn from Malek Fahd Islamic College in Greenacre last year after a court upheld evidence that the school had been siphoning profits to AFIC through high rents and fake loans. In one of many questionable transactions, Mr Mehboob took a phantom role providing “capital management services” to the school for more than $481,500. Unexplained loans of more than $2 million were also made to AFIC.
In a special meeting on 28 January 2017, AFIC members agreed to relinquish control of the schools. However, 36 hours before the meeting, Mr Garana sent a letter on AFIC letterhead saying it had been postponed to 11 February 2017. At the February meeting, control of the schools was reinstated to AFIC and a motion was passed labelling the federal government’s concerns “Islamophobic” and “highly exaggerated”.

Then it was announced that AFIC had been renamed ‘Muslims Australia’ which is the established name of another separate Halal Authority.

In March 2017 Wiki reported that AFIC had listed 7 Australian schools as AFIC schools.
I just looked today on 27th March 2017 and saw 8 are listed on the Muslims Australia website – you couldn’t make this up!

AFIC Schools

AFIC Queensland Branch

JAKIM lists AFIC as TWO organisations – the Queensland Branch is the only AFIC branch to be listed separately with another address and phone number on the JAKIM website.
JAKIM = Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia
JAKIM is the Malaysian HALAL HUB which Recognises Foreign Halal Certification Bodies & Authorities
[other Recognition & Affiliation organisations are the MUI (Indonesia), IHI, WHC, WHFC, GAC & Halal Verified, along with many country based overseeing Councils, such as ESMA (UAE), MUIS (Singapore), RAL (Germany) and Halal Stock (Philippines).]