Bangers ban in hundreds of schools

Pork is being banned from school dinners – even where the majority of parents have no religious objection to it.

 Many Schools Do Not Offer Pork Options Now!




…And halal does not just involve meat…

Halal is a way of life and can encompass our entire Food Chain.

Head teachers are deciding for “cultural” & “religious” reasons to drop traditional sausages and ham from children’s lunches.  In some instances Traditional Ham has been replaced by ‘Halal Turkey’ham’ and Traditional Pork or Beef Sausages are replaced with ‘halal chicken sausages with halal ‘ham’ flavouring’ or with ‘halal beef sausages’.

Here is a typical School Lunch with a ‘Turkey ‘Ham’ Sandwich…

Such Trickery! Traditional Ham is replaced with a Halal Substitute called ‘Turkey Ham’ that has been flavoured by halal ‘ham’ flavouring!
TIP: AVOID Processed Meat!

Newham, London – HALAL PRIMARY SCHOOL advertises in this .pdf document ‘Free School Meals for Primary School Children.
Typical Menus are…

Typical UNNEEDED Halal Substitute Food can be…
[HALAL] Chicken Sausages in gravy with mashed potatoes
Vegetable Stir Fry with [HALAL] Quorn & Noodles
Spaghetti Bolognaise (Lamb) [HALAL LAMB]
[HALAL] Cheese & Tomato Pizza
[HALAL] Chocolate Sponge with [HALAL] Chocolate Sauce

What about the right of Christians & Sikhs – who are forbidden by their religions – to eat food that has been offered to a foreign god/idol?

Are Sikhs given a special abrogation from stunning so they can produce their meat in UK too?  No.

Surely in Britain there should be NO Halal Primary Schools?

Yet this Newham Primary School list of Free HALAL Dinners – with no choice of traditional meat on the menu !
Again all this has been happening for the past couple of years by Stealth.

Dairy Products & Confectionery may contain halal bi-products, such as rennet; frozen food or fresh produce can be halal… Yes, even vegetables may be packaged and halal certified or may be in tins and halal certified. So many products have had their recipes changed to make them halal… they may include halal food additives or halal vitamins.

Do we think that Hindus should have religious rights? If your answer is yes then we should be against Halal being sold to all non-muslims, because Hindu’s do not wish to eat Halal, as it is against their own religious beliefs.  Where are their Religious Rights?  When are we going to see a STOP on the Halal Industry taking away our Freedom of Choice in Britain?  Or will this carry on until Traditional British Food becomes a niche market in our country that has a 95%+ Non-Muslim Population???  Halal food is spreading throughout Britain. A London Daily Mail investigation found that Britain’s major supermarket chains, fast-food restaurants, even some hospitals and schools were serving halal food without telling those who were eating it. 

Surely we should be protected by British Laws & Regulations???

Article 9 Human Rights Act. regarding Freedom of Conscience

This Act should give us the right to religious and secular freedom, i.e. to not be forced to participate in religious rites.

Dedicating this meat to a god violates this right: hence there is forced participation in another’s religion without consent.

Also Jews, Sikhs & Christians are specifically instructed not to eat this meat, so where is their religious freedom?

UK Human Rights blog

At Blackburn Central High School ALL Non-Muslim children  are being given this HALAL or Vegetarian menu

So there is no real choice – if children do not want Muslim meat, then it is a Vegetarian diet or the option to bring in a Packed Lunch.

INSTITUTIONALISED  HALAL at Blackburn Central High School
INSTITUTIONALISED HALAL at Blackburn Central High School

So No Traditional Hot Roast Dinners for Non-Muslims  – now in many schools & colleges ALL Meals are halal

We have HALAL-ONLY SCHOOLS in Britain… WHY?

Anger over halal-only menus in schools…

PARENTS PROTEST with Harrow Anti-Halal Leaflets
PARENTS PROTEST with Harrow Anti-Halal Leaflets


Haringey council in North London has issued “best practice” advice to all schools in its area to…

“Ban all pork products in order to cater for the needs of staff and pupils who are not permitted contact with these for religious reasons”.

In Tower Hamlets, East London, 85 out of 90 schools have ‘no pork’.

In Haringey’s infant, junior & primary schools, 37 out of 47 serve no pork.

Britain goes halal… but no one tells the public
Britain goes halal… but no one tells the public

Britain goes halal… but no one tells the public…

Muslim Meals for Primary Tots of all faiths

Muslim Meals for Primary Tots of all faiths


Philip Davies, the Conservative MP for Shipley, West Yorkshire, who has campaigned for clear labelling of halal and kosher meat in shops and restaurants, described the pork bans as “misguided political correctness”.

“Whilst I very much agree that pupils should be able to choose not to have pork, I believe it is totally wrong for schools to in effect force all pupils to abide by the religious beliefs of some by denying them the opportunity to choose to have pork,” he said.

“This is the type of misguided political correctness which builds up resentments which otherwise would not exist, and I very much hope these schools will change their stance and allow pupils a much more free choice.”

In the HALAL ONLY SCHOOLS – Bakery, Dairy & Confectionery products are affected too, as they must contain halal bi-products & halal additives and halal food colourings. Even vegetables are grown in halal bone-meal & halal compost under the strictest halal monitoring!
Ham & Pineapple Pizza is made with ‘Turkey Ham’ or ‘Chicken Ham’ which has a halal ‘ham’ flavour.
In addition to the compulsory use of halal certified products (to ensure no cross contamination), there is also the matter of Halal Services… Manufacturing Plants of all bread eg. Kingsmill & processed foods must be halal and monitored by Muslim Inspectors. Halal Flour, halal shortening, halal suet in pies & puddings.
Halal Ethyl Vanillin: synthetic vanilla flavoring. It is used for soft drinks, ice creams
and baked goods. Dairy Products must be from Halal Certified producers eg. Dairy Crest is HFA Certified. Many well known Brands of Dairy Products are now halal certified, but this is not shown on the carton. We look & find that many recipes of well known brands have been tampered with – Eg. ingredients like rennet have been replaced with halal rennet in yoghurts and cheeses – Plus no halal sign is clearly displayed on the product… so how will muslims know to buy it???
All this involves extra costs AND the halal certification involves an annual fee… and another fee if you want to display a logo to say your school kitchen is halal.
Plus these Halal Only School Kitchens and Food Processing Plants must also be regularly Monitored by Muslims and rules must be strictly adhered to eg.No alcohol can be used in the cleaning products…
Only halal Cleaning Products can be used. Another Cleaning Contract??? Delivery in Halal Van?
It can even mean that my children’s School Dinners are sold in Halal Packaging? Another Contract?

Stewart Houston, the chief executive of the National Pig Association, which represents commercial producers, also criticised the bans.

He said: “It is disappointing that schools can not be sufficiently organised to give children a choice of meat.”

Sausages and roast pork are staples of a British diet and children enjoy eating them.

TOAD IN THE HOLESausages and roast pork are staples of a British diet
Sausages and roast pork are staples of a British diet


Marlborough College in Wiltshire has admitted that while halal chicken is usually only served to Muslims, it had ‘occasionally’ served it to all pupils

Oxford University students secretly served Muslim halal meat…

My Family do not like animal cruelty, so we want to avoid anything that contains Halal Gelatine, Halal Rennet or Halal Lecithin etc., as it is unclear whether these halal additives are a product of an artificial halal process or are animal bi-products which like the halal meat all come from animals which have been barbarically slaughtered, as they have not been properly stunned unconscious prior to having their throats slit! Even the most lax halal authority the HFA (Halal Food Authority) will ensure that animals are only Stunned to Immobilise, for the benefit of the slaughterer, not to ensure good animal welfare. That is clear on their website here: Quote in their words…

“Electric stun can be controlled like a dimmer switch on the wall for the immobilisation of the birds and the animals. This is working well…”

Halal Gelatine is usually made from calves that have been ritually slaughtered without stunning.
Halal Gelatine: is a protein extracted from animal by-products, such as skin, bones, cartilage and used in a variety of food products. If made from vegetable, microbiological source or animal slaughtered in Islamic way, they are Halal.

PROTECT BRITISH JOBS!  It is also clear that the Halal Industry marginalises British Workers, because ONLY devout Muslims are allowed to Slaughter the meat.

Furthermore when we analyse where this tax payers money goes that is paying for these contracts… it seems clear according to the Qur’an, that as we pay for halal food we are indirectly paying zakat tax which is paid to Islamic ends by all devout Muslims.
So how does this benefit Britain in these times of austerity???
Where does the Qur’an say this Zakat should go? How should Zakat be used?
QUOTE from Surah 9:60

‘Zakah expenditures are only for the poor and for the needy and for those employed to collect [zakah] and for bringing hearts together [for Islam] and for freeing captives [or slaves] and for those in debt and for the cause of Allah and for the [stranded] traveler – an obligation [imposed] by Allah.’

What does this mean… well it is explained in the Link and clearly the only ones benefiting are Muslims.
My biggest objection is that an eighth of this Zakat Tax is directly paid to fund Islamic Freedom Fighters!
The fighter (mujahid) will be given as salary what will be enough for him. If he needs to buy arms or some other supplies related to the war effort, Zakat money should be used provided the effort is to raise the banner of Islam.’
See that quote towards the end of this article…
Zakat (Alms)

Finally, the most obvious reason that we should uphold British traditions and Judeo-Christian values is that Muslims Do NOT Require Halal Food in Non-Muslim Countries!
IMPORTANT: If there is no halal available then a Muslim is allowed to eat non-halal food.
Islam has laws regarding which foods can and cannot be eaten and also on the proper method of slaughtering an animal for consumption, known as dhabihah.
However if there is no halal food available then a Muslim is allowed to eat non-halal food.
Surah 2:173 states: “…if there is no other choice, …there is no sin in him.”
Surah 5:5 is the abrogated text that makes this even clearer when it says QUOTE:
Surat Al-Mā’idah (The Table Spread) – سورة المائدة

‘This day [all] good foods have been made lawful, and the food of those who were given the Scripture [People of the Book – Jews & Christians] is lawful for you and your food is lawful for them.’
According to what LAW is it Lawful to eat all good foods if halal is not available?
Answer = According to SHARIAH LAW!
Only 3-5% of British Consumers are Muslim and want to follow Sharia Law… so we have a duty to uphold British traditions and Judeo-Christian values for te 95-97% majority who do not want of need halal..
Surely we, as the payers of Council Tax in this borough, should have a say about what our children can choose to eat at school. Religious foods and Special Needs foods should be an option – not forced on every child… and these minorities have the choice of bringing a packed lunch.


You can also use this Link to write to your elected MPs, COUNCILLORS, LORDS & your MEPs – I have 5… and here via this link you can write to them all at once & send for FREE.

Find out who they are in this Official Government site by adding your Post Code here…


All it will cost is your time!


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    People should have choices we are in the United Kingdom we seem to be bending over backwards for the muslim culture what about our own its getting beyond a joke

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    Im disgusted. truly. glad I left school aeons ago….its mass islamisation by the back door. You kids are eating food that has been offered to the muslims god prior to them eating it
    that has to be wrong

  • January 11, 2013 at 12:33 pm

    I think the real point here is who’s going to be supplying this food?… Muslim businesses,denying our own people the right to supply our own food!

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