EU ALERT: Horse & Pig Burgers raise fears for halal products across Europe


Horse meat in burgers ‘could be health risk’

Beefburgers containing horse meat could have been made from “diseased or injured animals” and be unsafe to eat, environmental health experts say.

Muslim websites are expressing fears of a HALAL Clampdown in Europe after PIG & HORSE MEAT is discovered in Beefburgers across the UK and Ireland.

The BeHalal website point out…

“As well as detecting the presence of horse and pig DNA in some burgers, it also tested 31 beef meal products such as cottage pie, beef curry pie and lasagne. Some 21 were found to have pig DNA but no traces of horse DNA were found. Traces of horse DNA were detected in batches of raw ingredients, including some from the Netherlands and Spain. Our industry sources have advised us that ABP, which owns two of the businesses named by the FSAI, Silvercrest Foods and Dalepak Hambleton and is one of the leading beef producers and exporters in Europe. And Liffey Meats Ltd who own the halal world cuisine trademark. Both companies produce halal product lines at the same sites. Often companies producing meat products also pack for other brands and however, it is not clear at this stage if halal lines are affected or how extensive this problem may be for the halal industry. This is not the first time the halal industry maybe affected and continues to face fraud… This calls for better self-regulation by halal certification organisations and importantly for them to have competent staff, effective systems and checks to protect against an industry fraught by higher levels of fraud to address this issue.”

Read the rest of the article here…
EU ALERT: Horse and pork findings in Burgers raise fears for halal products across Europe

HALAL MEAT SUPPLIERS LIFFEY MEATS – Liffey Meats Ltd who own the halal world cuisine trademark.
Liffey Meats, Ballyjamesduff, Co Cavan
Pig DNA in five brands; also traces of horse DNA in three brands
The firm was “purely a beef processor and has absolute traceability on all of the beef used. The source of the contamination is imported ingredients and these will be replaced from other sources before production is resumed and customers are supplied”.
The other meat companies: What they said…

LIFFEY halal meat is NAMED in this next article as being among the MEAT WITHDRAWN from Supermarkets across the UK!
The products were produced by three processing plants, Liffey Meats and Silvercrest Foods in Ireland and Dalepak Hambleton in the UK, and were on sale in Tesco, Dunnes Stores, Lidl, Aldi and Iceland.
In one sample from Tesco, the level of DNA indicated that horse meat accounted for approximately 29 per cent relative to the beef content!

Updated: Horse and pig DNA found in supermarket beef burgers

Horse meat in burgers ‘could be health risk’
Beefburgers containing horse meat could have been made from “diseased or injured The meat posed a health risk because it had not come from identified sources, they warned.
“There is no information on how the entitled  horse meat came to be in the burgers and so there is no way of telling whether the meat is safe to eat. It could be from diseased or injured animals, for example,” said John Sleith, the head of the Society of Chief Officers of Environmental Health in Scotland. animals” and be unsafe to eat, environmental health experts say.
Horse meat in burgers ‘could be health risk’

SEE VIDEO in this Daily Telegraph article entitled ~ Minister:  Horse Meat burgers ‘extremely serious issue’

Horse meat in burgers ‘could be health risk’

Beefburgers containing horse meat could have been made from “diseased or injured animals” and be unsafe to eat, environmental health experts say.

ABP & Liffey Meats Ltd are leading European beef producers with halal product lines. Liffey Meats Ltd own the halal world cuisine trademark.
ABP & Liffey Meats Ltd are leading European beef producers with halal product lines. Liffey Meats Ltd own the halal world cuisine trademark.

Following the ‘shock discovery’ of horse meat in burgers, the Food Standards Agency has issued an assurance that the burgers ARE safe to eat.
How can they say that?
Considering that no-one knew that the horse meat was in the burgers, there is no way those horses’ passports can have been checked to ensure they were in fact destined for the food chain!
Horse Passports have 2 ‘declarations’ in them: one stating they are NOT intended for slaughter for human consumption, and one stating they ARE intended for slaughter for human consumption.
If the first Declaration is signed by the owner, the horse may be given any amount and types of drugs and medication prohibited for use in animals destined for the human food chain, such as certain anti-biotics, anti-histamines and steroidal drugs. Also, horses should not enter the human food chain within 28 days of being treated for internal parasites.
Without knowing the status of these horses’ passports, I just don’t see how anyone can issue any assurances that that horse meat is indeed safe to eat…
BOYCOTT HALAL! You know it makes sense!

11 thoughts on “EU ALERT: Horse & Pig Burgers raise fears for halal products across Europe

  • January 18, 2013 at 4:02 pm

    It must also be considered that there are very many stolen horses & ponies. Some of these must end up being slaughtered. All it takes it an unscrupulous slaughter business to turn a blind eye as to where these horses & ponies have come from.

  • January 25, 2013 at 7:35 am

    We are NOT muslims & we do not want to eat halal….
    We especially DO NOT want UNLABELLED halal – and we do not want to find out we have been unwittingly buying halal products or services.
    That is our CHOICE… No Halal Products & Services for us!
    Halal is NOT Pure… see this from a muslim website last week…
    Focus shifts to the competency of Halal certification organisations following pork and horse DNA found in burgers in EU
    Behalal QUOTES: In recent years there has been a steady surge of Halal accreditation organisations and many people argue it’s become a money making business. That’s fine as long as they do their job, i.e., provide good halal certification. With a lack of robust procedures, regular checks and competent personal they betray the consumer choosing products labeled as Halal.
    The problem here is that the equipment is often very intricate and difficult to clean as demonstrated by the recent DNA testing. No amount of cleaning or supervision by monitors on site can stop all of this cross-contamination from occurring. That is the hard lesson to be learnt here!
    As urgent investigations continue to take place, the idea of finding horse and pork in beef or chicken conjures up images of horse or pig meat mixed into burgers but other scenarios are possible. Global ID in 2011 found pig DNA in paper used to pack Halal products and established that it came from animal fat being used as a machine lubricant.
    In June 2010, we sent questionnaires to 9 halal certification organisations based in theUK. We received replies from 3 of them. The two well-known and largest certifiers HMC and HFA didn’t complete the questionnaire to our surprise and great disappointment. Nevertheless, we are still waiting for them all to complete the questionnaires so that we can share with consumers, so that they can have a better idea of their standards and how they determine that foods with their certification mark meet those standards.

  • February 7, 2013 at 11:18 pm

    I have had enough of this crap in our country. They are ruining our British Culture over an ETHNIC MINORITY. Or at least that’s what they are supposed to be. This is getting beyond a joke. I was literally fuming today after seeing down the Merry Hill Centre in Brierley Hill that they are serving HALAL ONLY chicken. I asked if there was another alternative and told there wasn’t. I was also told by the dumb memeber of staff that Halal only means that they do not sell pork. That is absolute bull****! It means the animal has been barbarically slaughtered. This is absolutely out of order now and I’m getting fed up with these Muslims coming into OUR country and trying to ruin it by forcing their culture and rules on us… Simply because THEY wont ADAPT to our ways. Why should we be forced to their ways if they will not follow ours? I eat meat but I’m true to my British Ways, like Muslims are to their ways. They have their choice to eat only Halal meat, where’s our choice to not eat it? If they don’t want to eat non-halal meat in KFC, then simply don’t eat at KFC. There are many HALAL chicken places out there similar to KFC that serve Halal only meat. But this isn’t about their beliefs this about their Cultistic ways of wanting to take over and control everything and this country is allowing it by catering for them. If they don’t like our ways, they can get out of our country. I’m not being “Racist” as some arrogant people may say or some that don’t want to hear the truth. I’m just standing up for my British rights as an English British person in my OWN COUNTRY. If the Muslims are so hardcore about their beliefs and ways then why have they abandomed their own country and infested ours? Corrupting our culture with their barbaric ways? If they are so loyal and dedicated to their ways and their country, why not stay in their own country and support it? Like I am staying in MY own country despite how much I disagree with pretty much everything happening.

    When I have a child, if my child is given Halal-Only choices I will be Suing the school. I think we should also put a law-suit in against KFC and other places, especially the super markets feeding us UN-LABELLED Halal meat. If a Muslim was given non-halal meat and told it was halal then they would SUE. Why can’t we sue for being given barbarically slaughtered meat?

    I don’t know if the public can see this or just the site owners, but I want to know what I have to do, who to go to and how we, as a British culture can rid our country of Muslim ways. This is our country, we have the right the live OUR lives how we WANT. Same as Muslims and other people have the right to live their lives how they want. We should not be forced to eat their stuff, live their ways, they should not be forced to eat our meat, etc… But with moderation they are in our country they should adapt and abide by our rules if they wish to live amongst us and not “take over”.

    Such as they should not be allowed to enter a shop with their entire face covered. This is their beliefs but my belief is that I should not be treated different in my country to others. I am being victimised for example I entered a shop many years ago with my Hood on and I was asked to remove it by security. I asked him why a Muslim standing at the counter was allowed to wear their full face wrap yet I was being asked to remove a hood which was keeping my ears warm due to ear ache. He said that was their religion and beliefs. I said my beliefs were to not be treated differently to others and victimised and he kept insisting I take it off. I ended up saying a few unkind words before leaving the shop.

    But this is what it has gotten to now. They are being allowed to force their ways onto us but we aren’t allowed to expect them to adapt to our ways. It is absolutely disgusting… I’m not against them personally, I’m against the government and the companies allowing this stuff to happen.

    Enough is enough, it’s time us British stood up for our rights!

    It’s time we said NO, we will not be forced into Muslim Religion.

    You have the freedom and rights to live your life how you want.

    WE should have the freedom and right to live our life how we want.

    Without worrying whether or not our meat has been barbarically slaughtered (That’s how we see it) It’s not humane and makes me sick to the stomach to know an animal’s throat is slit and preached at whilst it bleeds to death.

    Animals should be humanely put down through a painless and non-barbaric method. At least the animals which are then fed to anyone not Muslim.

    So anyways, where do I start and how do we move forward form here? To Boycott Halal from our Schools, Restuarants and Supermarkets?

      • March 13, 2013 at 10:48 pm

        Im sorry but this isnt about Halal, this is about Islam. If it was really about the suffering, you would also mention that Kosher slaughter is exactly the same as Halal slaughter ?

        Why is there no mention of Kosher ?
        Why ?

        Errrrm because this is Islamophobia !

        • March 15, 2013 at 6:40 am

          We do not Boycott Kosher. If you oppose Israeli products then I suggest you begin by discarding your PC as all computers rely on the INTEL CHIP.
          Regarding Meat – We know that Muslims will eat Kosher, but Jews (Sikhs & Christians & Buddhists etc.) are forbidden to eat halal.
          Sadly kosher slaughtermen do not stun before slaughter either, but they do not aim to slaughter for general supply to Non-Jews, because Kosher Meat is for the Jewish community…
          unlike the Followers of Islam who are introducing halal certification by stealth in the mainstream markets – Muslims want halal for everyone, but Non-Muslims do not require it.
          IMPORTANT POINT is that I have been checking Meat Codes in Supermarkets, Farm Shops, Markets and Butchers Shops for over 3 years and I have never yet found ONE Kosher Meat Code!
          …However I have always found Halal Meat Codes in ALL Supermarkets, some Farm Shops, some Markets and some Butchers Shops. Clearly the amount of Kosher Meat here in UK is minuscule, there is no ritual (no dedication to God of each animal) and the aim of the slaughter is to provide meat for Jews.
          Clearly Muslims have declared that they aim to get us all eating Halal Meat – the livestock is dedicated to Allah before being faced to Mecca and halal slaughtered without proper stunning or with no stun at all and its sale is aimed at Non Muslims via Food outlets and many of our institutions – schools, hospitals etc. The meat is halal certified which involves the cost of monitoring and a charge per animal with the proceeds going towards Islamic ends. Here in UK the meat is rarely labelled as halal meat and is sold by stealth throughout our supermarkets and eateries as traditional or normal British meat.
          Kosher is an end in itself, whereas halal is a means to an end… the end being to profit Islam by stealth & that is why our Pressure group is BOYCOTT HALAL.

  • February 15, 2013 at 3:59 pm

    Just where did you obtain the ideas to post ““EU
    ALERT: Horse & Pig Burgers raise fears for halal products across Europe | Boycott Halal”?
    Regards ,Mavis

  • November 28, 2014 at 6:55 pm

    We should be given a choice & all meat should be clearly labelled.The cruel methods of slaughtering halal meat& the religious significance leaves us appalled.

  • November 28, 2014 at 6:56 pm

    We should be given a choice & all meat should be clearly labelled.

  • August 12, 2020 at 10:52 pm

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