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  • April 3, 2017 at 11:09 am

    After seeing all the logos I’m now confused. Is there any particular logo. They have in South Australia.As I only know a couple of Halal products.

    • April 6, 2017 at 2:47 am

      Well these are the halal logos of over 40 halal authorities that we have found in Australia… some have different logos that they use on different categories eg. products, meat, food outlets.
      However, it remains a fact that the vast majority of halal certified products & services do not actually show any logo on their product packaging at all…. which poses the question – if halal certificates are supposed to endorse product fit for Muslim consumption or use… then how will these muslims know if the halal certified product does not show the halal sign?
      They know because there are various Muslim blogs, mobile phone apps, Halal Lists etc… but the truth of the matter, according to the Qur’an, is that muslims are Not required to know what foods are halal… they are required to Avoid what foods are haram… and then pray over what they eat.
      For us who are Not Followers of Islam, who do not require halal and want to AVOID halal certified foods – it is confusing.
      The best way ahead for you is to get your usual shopping list and research every product on it… if you find it is halal certified… then try to find an alternative conventional brand.
      The Non-halal Website will help you do this…
      It is here… and you can even Print a FREE handy shopping guide – lists all current non halal brands or products & is Regularly Updated.
      Non-Halal website
      I particularly like this page, because it also gives a list of products that have been proved to be halal certified in the centre column, Non-halal to the Left and Non-halal in Alphabetical order, by type & by State to the Right
      Non-Halal website archives
      Another useful App to help you is the BUYCOTT App which is FREE and comes with a Free Scanner with which you can scan products in the stores before you buy them… and it will tell you if they are halal certified or not.
      The BUYCOTT App works on Androids (find it via the Play Store) & iPhones. It runs on a US database… so is particularly good at spotting all the international brands in the stores, but it is not so good with local groceries.
      For local groceries you may want to buy the HALAL CHOICES App which does not have a scanner, but consists of a list of brands to AVOID and another list of brands to support. The Halal Choices App is $5.
      Also come along to the Boycott Halal in Australia Facebook Page where we have Notes, Photo Albums, Videos and regularly post all things pertaining to exposing the halal industry in Australia.
      You will find a link to the page in this new article I have just written…
      ‘BOYCOTT HALAL IN AUSTRALIA’ is certainly getting some publicity!
      Hope that helps.
      Thanks for your support Marilyn.


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