Halal on the menu for Olympics

Halal on the menu for Olympics

Nature Valley – has a tiny Halal Certification mark on the back… 

are now to be the Official Cereal Bars of the 2012 Olympics!

The tiny HFA (Halal Food Authority) halal certification mark has joined the kosher mark which is already on the packet.

WHY is there no mention in the advertising that the bars are certified halal by the Halal Food Authority?

Instead it clearly says on the front of the packet the the SUPPLIER of this product is the 2012 Olympics!

WHY CHOOSE A HALAL PRODUCT to be the Official 2012 Olympics product for TEAM GB?

Oh – Yes… I seem to remember this news item published in January 2010…

The Online Meat Trades Journal

Halal on the menu for Olympics 

The Olympic Committee has published its food vision guide for procurement of food and drink at the London Games, which lists the food accreditation standard…

High-quality halal meat will be on the menu for Olympic athletes after Games officials approved The European Halal Development Agency’s Standard for all halal products.

Source:  Halal on the menu for Olympics 

The Online Meat Trades Journal

 Halal on the menu for Olympics

“This comes as fantastic news for many Muslims as halal is certainly on the menu at the London Olympics 2012 Games,” said Mohammad Nazir, chairman of the European Halal Development Agency and chair of the West Midlands Minority Ethnic Business Forum.

“We are working hard to provide Muslim consumers with full halal integrity from farm to plate, which has not existed before. The approval at the London Olympics 2012 Games is the icing on the cake for all the hard work the board has done along with our partners.”


Here is some of the range of the HFA Halal Certified Nature Valley Granola  Bars that will be continually advertised via our media throughout the coming weeks…



BOYCOTT NATURE VALLEY BARS Halal Certified Products indirectly Fund Islamic Terrorism

See how here…    Halal Funds Terrorists: ZAKAT
Posted by BoycottHalal on July 8th, 2012


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