The Halal Industry’s demand for ‘HALAL EXPORTS ONLY’ is being used as an excuse to take halal mainstream Globally to everyone!

We want to encourage ‘Traditional’ or ‘Conventional’ meat & poultry Exports to Non-Islamic Countries.
Note that it is the Halal Industry that put the word ‘Non-halal’ on the Rejected Sub-standard Halal Ritually Slaughtered meat.
[GA] from SA in Australia wrote to us and said…

“In Indonesia, unless it is Halal, our meat will not sell. The only non Halal meat sold is pork. If we want to export meat to our Muslim neighbours, it has to be Halal certified.”
(Photos taken from major shopping mall in Jakarta, Oct 2016)

‘Conventional Meat’ or ‘Traditional Meat’ would be a better Title for this Meat Counter – IF it was truly selling meat that has NOT been prayed over & Halal Ritually Slaughtered.
We need to reject the use of the arabic words completely… and remember that ‘Non-halal’ is another way that Muslims describe the Haram… The Haram is that rejected halal Ritually Slaughtered meat which has also been dedicated to Allah… but Rejected and downgraded as substandard at the Post Slaughter Inspection… where the Muslim Inspector pronounces the meat ‘Haram’ – “Unfit for Muslim Consumption” – & to save waste – it’s sold off cheap to unsuspecting shoppers – as Non-halal!

Firstly, with the majority of meat (other than pork) being dispatched by Ritual Slaughter methods in Indonesia – it is not surprising that people will not buy the meat, said to be ‘Non-halal’, when it is highly likely to be the Downgraded Substandard HARAM meat that has been REJECTED at the Post Slaughter Inspection!
Non-Muslims in Indonesia want Conventional Kill meat, free from religious superstitions – NOT the HARAM Meat that is “Unfit For Muslim Consumption” – and we certainly don’t want to be sold that Cast-Off meat & poultry from the halal industry either – but sadly we are – and it is mis-sold to us UNLABELLED, as if it is Conventional Meat – which is disgraceful!

HARAM MEAT has been dedicated to Allah and ritually slaughtered – but REJECTED by the Muslim Inspector as being “Unfit For Muslim Consumption”

That is why the Indonesians ONLY buy the Non-halal Pork – they don’t want the Haram meat!

Secondly – Why does Exporting Halal Meat have to impact so much on the domestic meat market in Non-islamic countries, like Australia?
There has been a Stealth Jihad on the Australian Food Chain & it is now impossible to avoid halal meat in all major Food Outlets!
Only about 8% of Australian Exports end up in OIC Countries… it is outrageous that we are sending so much Halal Meat to Non-islamic countries worldwide, where 75% of consumers are NOT Followers of Islam & therefore do Not require it!

We looked on the Australian Government website at the Value of Overseas Exports of goods by destination and value; and at what % of exports goes where.

The latest figures are for 2015-16 and are given for Queensland Exports and for Australian Exports as follows…

1. 2015-16 Queensland Overseas Exports of goods by destination & value – Islamic Countries 6.8%

2. 2015-16 Australian Overseas Exports of goods by destination & value – Islamic Countries 8%

So our calculations are based on on those figures and we found that less than 7% of QLD Exports end up in OIC Countries ie. Islamic Countries!
AND only 8% of all Australian Exports end up in OIC Countries ie. Islamic Countries
– & we know that the Saudis & other Re-export some to Non-Islamic countries!

Clearly Muslims will be delighted that their exaggerated claims, of a 25% untapped market to Muslims, have managed to convince so many Non-islamic Governments & Businesses to impose Halal Meat Globally on everyone; as halal certification is the first step to impose Sharia Law worldwide AND the Halal Industry profits via the Halal Certification fees & charges on every transaction!

Since early in 2013, the Global Halal Markets have been worth more than US1 Trillion

The fact that riches gained from the Global Halal Market are now worth in excess of $1 Trillion, increases Zakat funding from all devout Muslims too…
and 1/8th of all Zakat money goes to fund the Fighters of Jihad – in other words – Terrorists.
We wrote an article about Zakat back in 2012 – See it here…

Now many others have written about how the Halal Industry indirectly funds Terrorists via Zakat too… and I particularly like this article from Sharia Finance Watch which poses the question:

QUESTION: Why Do Islamic Charities Send Zakat to Terrorists?

ANSWER: Because Shariah Says They Must

QUESTION: Why Do Islamic Charities Send Zakat to Terrorists?
ANSWER: Because Shariah Says They Must!

Surely our Governments should get a backbone & curb the halal industry in ALL Non-islamic countries as soon as possible!

A good start would be to bring down the barriers to traditional trade and encourage conventional imports, rather than insist on halal certification.
There is no recognised Halal Standard! Muslim factions are continually arguing about what the ‘Authentic’ Halal Standard should be!
Eg. For halal meat – some Muslims allow stunning before halal Ritual Slaughter, but the majority of Muslims do not.
So we end up with the farce that the Halal Meat being sold mainstream is unacceptable to most Muslims.

Mohamad ElMouelhy has exposed the truth about the Halal Meat trade to Muslims!
“HALAL MEAT loses its certification unless sold in a Halal Shop”
So we must ask ourselves – WHO is all this Halal Ritually Slaughtered meat being aimed at?
Why aim halal meat mainstream – at Non-Muslims shoppers & consumers who do not require it?

It is such an embarrassment to most Australians when they find out that Non-Muslims in other countries are sickened to see Australian Halal Meat imports on their mainstream Supermarket shelves. For example…
This photograph was taken by one of our American Members who was shocked to see a halal sign beside the Aussie ‘Gidday Mates!’ greeting on this Costco Meat!

AUSSIE MEAT EXPORTS have ‘GIDDAY MATES!’ Greeting beside the HALAL SIGN on Costco Halal Meat in USA

How offensive it is to see the ‘GIDDAY MATES!’ Greeting on Aussie Exports of Halal Meat.

With Over 90% of Australian Exports now being sent to Non-Islamic countries – surely Conventional Meat Exports should be the Norm, but Halal is now the Rule!

98% of Australians are NOT Followers of Islam… so why is there this ubiquitous presence of halal Ritually Slaughtered meat & poultry in domestic stores and in the vast majority of all food outlets?

Halal Meat should be a niche market in Australia, in the same way as kosher meat is – Production of kosher is minuscule and kosher meat is always clearly labelled, sold in a separate section and aimed at the Jewish community Only.

Apart from the obvious Animal Welfare concerns, along with the issue of marginalisation of Aussie Meat workers – 98% of Australians are NOT Followers of Islam and therefore do not require halal Ritually Slaughtered Meat or Poultry at all… and they certainly do not want to contribute towards hidden Halal Certification charges either.

We require the Meat Industry to produce Conventional Meat & Poultry that is in line with Government stunning legislation to ensure animals are properly stunned to the point of Permanent Unconsciousness – NOT Reversibly Stunned or receiving no stun at all, as is happening increasingly to appease the Halal Industry & Sharia Law.
There should be No Prayers chanted over livestock in Australia – other than for OIC Export Meat or for the niche market aimed at the 2% Muslim Community.
We must be considerate towards the many followers of other religions in Australia, who are Forbidden to eat Ritually Slaughtered meat & poultry that has been dedicated to foreign idols or other gods Eg. Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus & Sikhs are Forbidden to eat halal meat according to their Religious teachings.
– So where is their religious freedom in Australia now?
Also the Atheists, Secularists, Humanists, Agnostics & Pagans do not want to buy meat that has been tainted by Islamic religious superstitions – or indirectly fund Islam by purchasing it!

AND it is not just Meat & Poultry that has become Islamified – the byproducts of these halal rituals are finding their way into Dairy & Confectionery too! The rennet in cheese has been replaced with Halal Rennet which is obtained from Ritually Slaughtered calves or from Halal Certified Laboratory microbial experiments. The gelatine used to thicken yogurts or used in sweet & jelly production has now been replaced with Halal Gelatin… which has been obtained from boiling the hooves and bones of Halal Ritually Slaughtered animals.
It is now difficult to find meat that is has not been Ritually Slaughtered in Australia and so many products and services have become halal certified.

Get the Free BUYCOTT App with which you can scan products before you buy to see if they are Halal Certified or not.
1. Download the FREE Buycott App with scanner.
2. Find & Click ‘OTHER’
3. Find & Click ‘AVOID HALAL’
4. Try it our by scanning the products in your Food Cupboard, then use it when you go Shopping.

Governments say that that they will not interfere with decisions made by Business Leaders.

So in the absence of Government intervention, we shoppers and consumers will take action to protect our food chain, customs and traditions.
We are going to be very careful how we spend our well earned dollars… this will encourage saving!
What a bonus!

Boycott Halal & Save!

Shop Locally – Support your local Farmers and producers.

Reject all those processed foods – most of them you will find are halal certified.

The Australian Government has gone one step further than most OIC countries, by introducing Halal-related legislation and by implementing regulations pertaining to technical aspects of Halal Slaughter… recognition that halal slaughtermen must be Muslims; and the promotion of over twenty Halal Authorities to Aussie businesses aiming to export – via the Australian Government website.

We will be looking to Support the businesses that are using conventional methods of production – especially Australians ones.

We will Boycott any Halal Meat or Poultry that is sold domestically – AND reject those imposed Haram Rejects that we have been unwittingly buying, because we were told they were Non-halal meat.

We will be buying conventionally killed meat & poultry now and we will boycott all halal certified products and services.

Halal is not only a trademark, an approval… it is an integral part of the Sharia Quranic Law Regime called Islam!
If we accept Halal in our society… then we must also accept the existence of its opposite, the haram.
The muslims halal lifestyle involves every aspect of life… and all that is not halal is judged to be haram.
Soon WE Non-Muslims will be branded as HARAM or worse Kafir! (infidels).
Islamic culture, unlike other ethnic minorities in the West, tends to subdue and subjugate whatever is different from it.
We cannot give one inch to this totalitarian cult-regime that oppresses and wounds men, women and animals.