AFIC – The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils Inc.

Stop paying a fee for Halal food certification to the Islamic Council.

A number of foods we purchase on supermarket shelves are certified as Halal.

For example the small Halal certification symbol appears on Kraft Vegemite, some Cadbury products, Tasel Tasmanian salmon, some Leggo food products, some San Remo pasta products and many more.

Even more products are certified Halal but do not show the symbol on the label.

To be certified Halal a fee must be paid to AFIC –The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils- or an affiliated state council.

Clearly many Non-Muslim shoppers are unwittingly buying unlabelled halal products and many consumers are unwittingly eating halal products in food outlets and institutions.

Halal is being introduced into our food chain by stealth and many non-food products are also halal certified now, some of which include halal bi-products in the production process.

To be certified Halal a fee must be paid to AFIC –The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils- or an affiliated state council.


AFIC - The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils Inc.

AFIC – The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils Inc.

Who are AFIC and what happens to the certification fee you contribute towards when you buy a certified product?

The AFIC is the only single Islamic Halal Certifier that operates Nationally (all the States and Territories of Australia) for Halal Certification.
According to their website, the main role of AFIC is to represent Islam and Muslims of Australia as one “Ummah” to the government and other bodies nationally and internationally.
AFIC coordinates and provides resources for activities of its State Islamic Councils and member Islamic societies.
The AFIC has an embracing mission statement: but its actions are not totally consistent with that statement.

For example, the appointment by the AFIC of the notorious Taj El-Din Hilaly as Grand Mufti of Australia, was in conflict with the AFIC’s stated mission.
Taj El-Din Hilaly was a convicted criminal serving time in jail. His sermons were often anti-Australian (in direct contradiction of the AFIC’s mission statement) and his views on Australian women (“cat’s meat”) are well known.  Hilaly never condemned the terrorist attacks on the USA on 11 September 2001. In fact, he is reported as supporting that offence by saying it was an act of god. The AFIC did not condemn him for that statement. Furthermore, Hilaly appeared to support Hezbollah, classified by the Australian Government as a terrorist organization – does the AFIC send its “international resources” to Hezbollah?

The Australian Newspaper reports that the Minister for education in NSW has asked the NSW police and ASIC to investigate where millions and millions of tax-payers dollars have gone. The money was given to Muslim schools managed by you guessed it AFIC. The millions of government dollars funnelled out of the schools into AFIC’s coffers has not yet been explained.

Time may tell, if it is not hushed up, whether the money was just badly accounted for, or was used corruptly to pay people, or whether some was syphoned off to give to Muslim organisations like Hezbollah.

I wonder if we will ever hear.

In the meantime do not give money to AFIC by purchasing Halal certified products.

To be certified Halal a fee must be paid to AFIC –The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils- or an affiliated state council.




9 Responses to AFIC – The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils Inc.

  1. Jen Little says:

    This is Discusting!! Something has to be done about this issue. We are nothing but a joke to them. Why have we opened up our country to them?? Now throwing money at them! ….. I mean vegemite!!! Come on!

  2. Fiona says:

    I object to religion of any type being involved with food. People should have full disclosure of what they purchase.
    It is very suspicious for such a strong religion to take profits from our food purchases.
    Islam is a very fast growing religion with very strong views and strong ability to manipulate minds. No doubt profits are being used to grow their members. Despite being small now if you look at the stats they are the fastest growing.
    Food manufacturers stop looking for profits in the wrong area. Stay out of religion. Look at past wars- religion. Do you want to be associated with war?

  3. khattab says:

    You can boycott halal if you want, but it’s for Muslims and not for you. God provides for Muslims and not this country. You just jealous of us. You choosed not to follow the law of God and result of that you are humilated! When you guys in hardship you drink alcohol or take drugs but we are different because during hardship we go back to God and praise him. The result you be down on the floor steaming in state of a dog and we get the pleasure of our creature. Remember that we love hardship because it bring us close to the creator but you hate it and also remember we love death as much as you love this life!!! And we happy Muslims and more happier because we give you stress.
    We love to not please you.

    • lyall says:

      Stop embarrassing Mohammad with your ignorant rants as he has a heart of compassion and states that revenge is the worse sin committed.
      Remember, if not for the king of Ethiopia, Mohammad would have died in the desert when fleeing to Abyssinia in 615 C.E.
      Respect begets respect and the AFIC using non Muslim Australians money to push for sharia law in Australia is wrong.
      This is why many people want it changed.
      A guest should respect the rules of the household if they want to remain there.

  4. ishkabibul says:

    Khattab-you sound like the typical arrogant muslim -why would we want to follow your hateful God and his pedophile mate -Muhhamad?-a grown man of 54 marrying a little girl at 6 and consumating the marriage when she was 9-just a little girl still playing with her doll’s-there is -nothing to be jelous of as your despicable ideology and the -evil laws of -sharia is not to be admired -I would be -ashamed to call myself -muslim -the halal method of killing animals is a depravity of the worse kind -there is no empathy or compassion in your treatment of any animal-especially -dogs-islam is known for it’s inhumanity and -cruelty -we are witnessing what is happening overseas -from allowing immigrants from Islamic countries to migrate there -you might find -Australians aren’t so -tolerate and you just might -get-offended -too bad.

  5. marea says:

    I’m appalled disgusted and find this unreal to our boys going to war – Come home safely. God Bless you guys

  6. Robyn Powell says:

    Halt Halal …why should we pay for them?
    Vegemite , that’s it we are boycotting you ….Dick Smith here we come !!!!!!

  7. Michelle says:

    No halal please , we should have a choice

  8. Boozer says:

    I used to be vegan but it looks as if the muzzles have infiltrated vegetarian and vegan foods. I am now avoiding all halal such as those described here and am now no more vegan but a lax vegetarian who never buys halal. I will buy percy pig sweets here in the uk from a large supermarket chain as they contain pig geltine and so are guaranteed to be halal free. Animal rights and infidel rights is the way to go for me. Also chocolate with alcohol is good for us fun loving halal boycotting infidels! No more cadbury chocolates but I will buy whiskey toffees from bonny Scotland.

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