BOYCOTT KFC Halal Certified by the HFA


KFC Headquarters:  PO Box 57984, London, England W4 9AX
RING & COMPLAIN!   Phone: 0845 753 2532
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Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)

KFC Say..
At KFC we listen to our customers to help us to evolve our menu and the choices we offer. For some time, we have received requests to provide halal food in parts of the UK and as a result of this, we are running a halal trial within communities where we anticipate a strong demand for halal products.
However, it seems that there are many KFC outlets in areas where there are very few muslims… so who is this HALAL Chicken for?

More KFC HALAL Outlets (73) are listed here on the Zabihah World Halal Food Guide website:

See the HFA Statement about KFC here:

Halal Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)  after having completed the successful halal trial of phase one and phase two, has now moved to the third stage of its launch of halal participating stores.

Muslim would invite HFA to rejoice that in the European Halal trials in KFC food outlets, there is no PORK or any intoxicating ingredients. Halal Food Authority, (HFA) invites all Mulsims to be partial to the delicious KFC recipe that prepared with halal approved products.

Alhamdulillah all products sold at halal participating KFC stores have been contractually checked and verified as Halal after detailed analysis of all ingredients and components therein. All KFC chicken is sourced from halal approved suppliers and slaughtered in compliance of Islamic jurisprudence and Shariah laws. And all the ingredients of the products used therein has been contractually validated and approved as halal by HFA in accordance with Islamic Sharia’h laws and dictums .

May Allah give us all hidayat to seek, procure and consume halal always Insha Allah.

Halal Food Authority
109 Fulham Palace Rd
London, W6 8JA



KFC make may claims that their halal certified chicken would meet the rigorous animal welfare standards employed in the UK and that it has consulted leading animal welfare groups about this… AND  KFC insists that all poultry is stunned before slaughter….
HFA allows the use of a technique called ‘stun-to-stun’ a so-called “pain free process” that is said to make the animal insensible to pain and suffering….

BUT Muslims question whether KFC is actually meeting halal standards, because…

Soft, a provider of KFC, slaughtered 330,000 chickens per day!

Proof: See towards the bottom of this page…

Furthermore, the birds are “slaughtered by a machine via a disk, at a steady pace, preventing any recitation by a man or a woman, the ritual formula required. ”(Source AVS ). Now for the meat of an animal is lawful for consumption, it must have been slaughtered by a Muslim who performs the act explicitly on behalf of God. Neither the circular saw, or the cassette, or the registration on the wall, can replace the shahada Muslim priest.

So……. is KFC halal or not?

Here we see Naved Syed owner of Janan Meats questioning the ‘Blessed Blade’ and the ‘Shahada Cassette’ which are used at many so-called halal Poultry Slaughterhouses….

Halal farm to fork dvd presentation to the house lords


In answer to this condemnation of Mechanical Slaughter methods by many muslims, the Halal Food Authority have issued this Press Statement in defence of their authentication of KFC which is prepared by mechanical means…

KFC say…  A verse is also recited from the Koran at the point of slaughter by an appropriate person and the poultry will not come into contact with non-halal meat at any point in the supply chain.

QUESTION for all Non-muslims:  


ALLAH switch the letters around to get HALAL !


16 Responses to BOYCOTT KFC Halal Certified by the HFA

  1. Dayne Houghton says:

    In South Africa(at least in Durban where I live) the vast majority of KFC, McDonalds and Nando’s resturaunts are Halal. There are also many places that are Halal too. However Halal organisations will only certify these places if they are Muslim owned (whether only partly owned or owned in full by Muslims). No-one has any problems eating there, and also SA’s largest producer of poultry is certified by not one but TWO halal organisations. Is it really such a big deal? I prefer halal because I don’t eat pork, but I am not a Muslim. Does it really matter to a non-Muslim if someone said a prayer before the slaughter? It really shouldn’t matter. Why punish a place just for getting certified halal. They’re just trying to increase their clientele. Why punish them and put their employees jobs in danger by boycotting just because the animal is slaughtered in the name of God. Also fyi, one of the fundamental beliefs of Islam is the belief in the God of Abraham(and idols are forbidden). Since most people in the UK were tradionally Christian(who also worship the God of Abraham) this shouldn’t even be an issue. Would you have a problem if it was certified Kosher?

    • BoycottHalal says:

      We are not against Muslims having halal foods for their own communities, in the same way as Jews have kosher for their communities; we like Freedom of choice for all.
      However, Islam aims at complete control of all food & non-food sectors & pushes towards a complete submission of everything to Islam – including us Non-muslims…
      If the Followers of Islam want halal certification in Non-Islamic nations of the world, let them keep it to their own communities and let them PAY for it – Not us.
      I am surprised that you do not seem to realise, or do not seem to mind, that your freedom of choice has become so limited in South Africa now.
      You used to be able to choose to eat out or buy Non-halal certified products, but that choice is now vastly diminished – and in many places non-existent.
      As Non-muslims, we do not require halal products or services at all – and we certainly do not want to keep finding out that we are unwittingly paying for halal certification. The excuse being used for over-production of halal in Non-Islamic countries is that it is good for export, but 75%+ of the world’s population are not muslims who do not require halal certificates – and they certainly do not want to pay halal authorities for them when they are completely unnecessary.
      We do not call for a boycott on kosher, because Jews have never sought to impose kosher food on everyone – they just want kosher for their own communities; but it has been the declared aim of the World Halal Council to take halal mainstream in non-Islamic countries.
      QUESTION So how does the WHF [World Halal Forum] affect Non-Islamic Countries like Britain?
      ANSWER In 2009 WHF makes UK a ‘PILOT PROJECT’ and in 2010 WHF send Halal MAINSTREAM in UK
      Sadly, in 2009, the World Halal Forum “chose” the UK as it’s ‘pilot project’ to roll out halal to the mainstream consumer – without the consent of the British people.
      See especially pages 7, 15 and 25 of this report:
      [This report takes a while to download because it’s now buried deep in the ‘system’!]
      2009 WHF makes UK a ‘PILOT PROJECT’ and in 2010 WHF send Halal MAINSTREAM in UK
      If we continue to allow muslims to label our products & services as halal or haram… soon they will be labelling us… poor kuffar or infidels.
      Halal is the first step on the ladder towards Sharia Law and Islamic Rule – the declared goal is completely undemocratic and would mean loss of our Freedoms.
      We boycott halal because we treasure our freedom of choice, freedom of belief, freedom of speech.
      HALAL is a MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY – Based on Lies and Deception – DON’T BUY INTO IT!!!
      Halal Industry Potential (WHF video runs 5 min)!
      The halal industry is also hand in hand with Genetic Modification and Biotech Crops.
      QUOTE from World Halal Forum [WHF]:

      “The role of Islamic scholars (Ulama) in scientific discussions involving the developments of biotechnology, in particular the production of food derived from genetically modified crops must be enhanced. Biotech crops and products have undergone intensive food and environment safety tests and are acceptable in the Islamic world as Halal, provided the sources are Halal. AND Biotechnology awareness and education programs need to be established by private and public sectors to increase biotechnology perception in the country.”

      2010 WHF Report GM & Halal Workshop – Parallel Session
      This affects SEEDS & GRAIN as well.
      YES – The Halal Industry declared Genetically Modifying foods to be permissible in 2010…
      World Halal Forum Facilitates Meeting of Ulama and GM Scientists
      The recently concluded World Halal Forum 2010 (WHF) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia had a half-day session on “Genetically Modified Crops and Halal” which brought ulama and GM scientists together to discuss the permissibility of GM foods in the context of Islam. This issue commands serious attention as Islam places much importance to the way food is prepared and its origin. The session was attended by a number of prominent scientists, shariah experts from around the world, and members of the academe. The topics discussed were GM technology, its impact, the global status, benefits to developing countries, safety issues, and Islam’s perspective of GM technology.
      World Halal Forum Facilitates Meeting of Ulama and GM Scientists- Crop Biotech Update ( 7/23/2010 )
      It is NOT OK to foist halal or GM on unsuspecting shoppers & consumers; or to bring halal certification mainstream in Non-Islamic nations – it is clearly a huge Money Making Racket and we will oppose it relentlessly.
      We will BOYCOTT HALAL, because Halal Funds Terrorists via ZAKAT – If You Buy Halal, You Are Indirectly Financing Terrorism Via Zakat
      Islamic charitable organizations send funds to militant organizations who fight in the Cause of Allah
      Muslims believe that there is no other God besides Allah and that he is the God of the universe. They claim that not only is he their God, but that he is the God of the Jews, the Christians and everyone else, but the truth of the matter is that the God known by Jews and Christians, has repeatedly identified Himself in the Hebrew Scriptures as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel. He also calls Himself the God of Israel. These are facts. The Muslim ‘deity’, however, does not identify himself exclusively in this way through Isaac and Israel. This is also a fact. Ergo, the Muslim ‘deity’ is NOT the same as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel.
      It is my firmly held conviction that the Muslim ‘deity’ is not equivalent to יהוה. That is why Jews do not want to eat halal meat.
      Halal meat is also forbidden to other religions eg.Sikhs.
      I am a Christian and choose to reject all foods that have been dedicated to allah, because I follow the God of Israel and will not submit to Islam – that is my choice.
      Indifference and ignorance will cost us our freedom.

    • Michelle Nell says:

      ACTS 15:29 : That ye abstain from meats offered to idols, ….. from which if ye keep yourselves, ye shall do well

      To answer your question “Does it really matter…” If you’re a Christian, I would say it does.

      Amd just to clarify, your question “Why punish them and put their employees jobs in danger by boycotting just because the animal is slaughtered in the name of God” – the animal is not slaughtered in the “name of God” it is slaughtered in the name of A god, not THE GOD – big difference.

    • jumbo says:

      I have nothing against Muslims having their own meat, but KFC is an American franchise and has restaurants in the UK. So why is halal on their menus?
      Halal is a meat blessed by a Muslim, but English people may not want two different kinds of meat.
      Why should the fact of your religion be a reason for changing the views and rights of British people.
      I’m sick of being called racist, because I don’t agree. My own country should not be so influenced by people who are not British.
      English people do not go to another country and expect their religion to change how the other’s eat.
      I think it’s a one sided argument which will not change, because England is going down by other countries standards.
      Our political representatives are doing nothing and have no back bone any more.

    • JM in San Diego says:

      Why? Because catering to those pushy religious zealots with their “Convert or Die” ideology is a mistake.

      “Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile” applies. Anything you do for them is a sign of more they think they can get.

      I’m old, so I probably won’t live to see it but someday, you will suffer the indignities of living under the highly-oppressive Shariah Law. It is assured unless you change this attitude of acceptance, an attitude NOT SHARED by the conquerors.

  2. hanan tanga says:

    i heard kFC chicken is not halal is it true or not and i heard it is machine cut

    • BoycottHalal says:

      Whether a halal certified product like HFA certified KFC is authentic or not is irrelevant to us Non-muslims. We are not interested in the arguments that go on between all the different halal authorities that cannot seem to agree on what the halal standard should be according to Sharia Law.

  3. Emma says:

    If you want to call KFC head office to complain but don’t want to pay to call an 0845 number, you can use 01483 717000 instead (which will be free if you have inclusive/free minutes to landlines).

  4. ghenwa says:

    Is kfc in angola luanda halal or not..some are saying it is while others are saying no and am confused..

    • BoycottHalal says:

      You may hear Muslims say that the meat in food chains or outlets like KFC is Not Halal, because they do not think it is ‘authentic’ halal, despite the fact it was ritually slaughtered after the poultry was dedicated to Allah in a halal slaughterhouse.
      This could be because some muslims do not agree with stunning at all and that KFC maybe supplying meat from a Halal Slaughterhouse that permits stunning… but Note that any stun given would not be a proper stun – For halal the stun would have to be a Reversible Stun – NOT a stun that renders the livestock Permanently unconscious & insensitive to pain.
      The HFA – Halal Food Authority is one of the halal authorities that Does permit stunning – but not a proper stun… the stun would wear off within seconds, so that the poultry die by the blood letting, not from the stun. In fact we have a number of screen shots that have been taken over the past few years, from the HFA website, that clearly say how they turn down the dimmer switch that controls the stun level to the lowest point… which is very cruel.
      Other muslims may object to the halal meat at KFC on the grounds it has been handled by non-muslims or they may not agree with the KFC process in some other way.
      There is no need for confusion – if the meat has been slaughtered in a halal slaughterhouse, it will have been dedicated to Allah. We are not concerned about Muslims arguments of authenticity – the fact this meat has not been slaughtered in the conventional way and halal fees & charges have been paid by KFC to a halal authority – is good reason for us to say BOYCOTT HALAL & therefore BOYCOTT KFC.

  5. Mark says:

    You wasting your time writing to KFC, I’ve written twice to them now, where I live there are 2 x KFC, both are Halal, I asked KFC why both of them have to be halal and it would surely make sense to have one of them non-halal, their answer each time was to travel about 6 miles to the nearest non-halal KFC … why should I ? do these idiots know that petrol is expensive ?
    easier answer, I simply do not eat KFC anymore, their loss.

  6. Ashlea says:

    My issue isn’t the prayer, I couldnt care less about the prayer it means nothing to me. My issue is the inhumane way in which the animals are slaughtered, strung up alive and throats slit to bleed out till death – that is horrific! Why is the world bending over backwards to appease these moronic and barbaric people and beliefs and let them do whatever they want no matter how the rest of the world feel about it?!!!

  7. James says:

    1 Corinthians Chap 10 compels us Christians not to eat foods offered to pagans (muslims when they say the halal prayer).
    We should stop the supply chain. Please research carefully as to where some of the money ends up.
    It is very convenient that the lost can condemn Israel of the their bombing of Gaza and boycott their products, but none of the lost condemn ISIS when they have even been beheading children in parks, raping the mothers and selling the woman off a slaves.

  8. Oliver says:

    They just expect everyone is ok with halal slaughter…

  9. Nancy says:

    WTF ! I leave close to Edgeware Rd, wanted to get one Burger with bacon in KFC and they do not serve it because is a fucking Halal shop!
    Hey, nothing against them serving their halal chicken, but that does not mean we have to accept them leaving us without bacon !
    what the fuck ! arent they asking for respect? well, then they have to respect us too.
    if they do not want bacon, just do not ask for a fucking bacon burger but do not come and change the whole store !!!!
    So fucking unfair and I am as you can read, so pissed. I will never ever ask anything from KFC Edgware Rd. And I also cancelled my order. Never ever will go KFC.

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