Call on the Government to Investigate Halal ‘Charities’

We Call on the Government to Investigate the HMC & other Muslim Halal ‘Charities’

We have evidence that Halal businesses have been undercutting our Farmers, Slaughterhouses, Cutting Plants and Farming Businesses, because they have been allowed to claim CHARITY STATUS and thereby get EXEMPTION FROM TAX & VAT on the running costs of their businesses. More shocking details of this and other types of BUSINESS IRREGULARITIES can be clearly seen on the Halal Monitoring Services website where the following questions were asked by brother Umar of Coventry from Jamia Darul Uloom Karachi…

 Question 4 Some Halal meat supplying companies operating in the Halal meat industry in the UK abuse the law and voluntarily liquidate their companies after operating for some time, and by doing so free themselves of their accumulated debt, and then without paying their govt. taxes and debts owed to the farmers they open another company under another name and start operating again. In this way they undercut other law abiding companies engaged in providing Halal meat. These people are a cause of disrepute to the whole Halal meat industry, and they are one of the main reasons why many shortcuts and bad practices aimed at cost cutting have been introduced into the industry. Would Muslim certification bodies be justified denying certification to these companies? Halal Monitoring Services – Mufti Taki Usmani Fatwa


Halal Monitoring Committee – LIQUIDATION



Background… HALAL BUSINESSES GOING BANKRUPT? Could this be because Muslim Businessmen have had their Tax & VAT Avoidance Charity Status Scam stopped??? HALAL Companies have been operating a TAX AVOIDANCE SCAM by claiming Charity status to get out of paying the Tax & VAT that our own Farmers and Producers have to pay on their business running costs… This is how HALAL MEAT has been able to undercut traditional meat prices over the past decade… by20%+ PROOF:  Halal businesses get EXEMPTION FROM TAX & CHARITY STATUS!!! I found this document – at last the HMRC has put their foot down in UK on one scam! 24th October 2011 – HMC ACQUIRES VAT REGISTRATION Over the past two years, the National Executive Committee initiated a review of the governance and structure of the organisation. This led to the successful registration with the Charity Commission in May 2009 as since our inception, we have remained a not for profit organisation. Earlier this year, we started a dialogue with HMRC regarding our VAT status. As a faith based voluntary organisation, our understanding was HMC is exempt from VAT similar to other charitable organisations. However, after a series of meetings, HMRC has advised we should become VAT registered based on the nature of services we provide. We have today communicated the impact of this to certified plants and outlets. Reflecting on the change, Chairman of HMC, Shaykh Yunus Dudhwala said: “We appreciate this change will impact on our stakeholders but are confident our partners will appreciate the context of this change and the mandatory nature of the change. More over, we are working closely with HMRC to ensure that whilst we fulfil our legal obligations, the impact of the changes is minimal. For this reason, the change in charges will only apply to plants, and this will have minimal impact as VAT registered companies are able to reclaim the VAT. It is important for all our partners to support us on our journey to ensure the provision of genuine Halal.” Scroll Down Page To See 7th article entitled… 24th October 2011 – HMC ACQUIRES VAT REGISTRATION   ILLEGAL BUSINESS PRACTICE! HMC LIQUIDATION (UK) UK: Halal Monitoring Committee Limited goes into liquidation, but is now trading as HMC (UK) as it continues its work to supply Genuine Halal The HMC – is a so-called ‘respectable’ Halal Certification Board… On the background of the story that many muslim businesses are illegally claiming CHARITY STATUS to get out of paying TAX &  VAT,  we have already seen two more halal abattoirs close in Wales this month… Now the HMC is trying to wriggle out of paying its debts by going into Liquidation & opening for business in a new name – HMC (UK) Ltd.! QUOTE:  Halal Monitoring Committee Limited is in the process of being dissolved allowing them to be debt free and to continue their work they have set up as HMC (UK)! NB.  SEE COMMENTS BELOW THIS ARTICLE – This disreputable move has angered many people! 6/5/12  source:   HMC (UK) Press release ~

QUESTION:  Just wondering how many illegal  Halal Business Scams are going on in other countries???

~ AND the HMC is not an isolated case… it happened in CANADA too! The Canada Revenue Agency revoked IRFAN-Canada’s charity status in April 2011 after having concluded that it financed the terrorist organization Hamas. This Video explains that the meat you eat has been Halal-slaughtered AND how your money is not only paying for halal-slaughtered meat, but how your money is being sent to various terrorist groups. Point de Bascule: Halal slaughter, Hamas monetary gain The certification agency is controlled by the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC), the main Muslim Brotherhood organization in Canada. MAC owns the building where the certification agency and the cultural centre are based and the administrators of the certification agency are former MAC directors or they have publicly endorsed MAC’s positions in the past. MAC’s halal program is part of a global Muslim Brotherhood’s strategy. SEE  THIS  VIDEO…


QUESTION – Why are we seeing such a rise in Halal Foods in Non-Islamic Countries???


In 2010 in Islamabad, a leader of the Islamist organization, the mufti of Bosnia, Mustafa Ceric, urged Muslims…

“to conquer the world through Halal movement.”

Country: United Kingdom, Europe

A leading European Muslim cleric has urged the international Muslim community to conquer the world through the halal movement. He is reported to have said that the halal movement can enable Muslims to rule the global economy because its food and other services are the basic needs of every human being. He claimed halal means “pure and hygienic”, and that the non-Muslim world has no hesitation in accepting it. His comments follow Operation Nehemiah’s report on a video produced by the World HalalForum, which uses slick advertising and exploits commercial gain in a bid to sell halal as a global brand. It is becoming apparent that halal is being used as an instrument of Islamic mission (dawa),bringing the oblivious non-Muslim world increasingly under the authority of sharia law.


QUESTION:  Just wondering how many illegal  Halal Business Scams are going on in other countries???


Back to our problems in the UK, especially the Business irregularities outlined above…

QUESTION:  In these times of austerity, WHY are we allowing such disrespectful flagrant cases of wrongdoing in any British Charities or Businesses?

Clearly this malpractice is putting our own hard-working Farmers livelihood in jeopardy? I have asked my local Farmers & Butchers  and others in the Food Industry that I have met on-line…

QUESTION:  WHY have you not spoken out about this ‘halal’ outrage long ago???

The answer in all cases was – “We are afraid of being labelled a ‘Racist’!” Clearly speaking out against Islam is not a racist issue and speaking out against Muslim’s who have no respect for the Law or Traditions of our country is not being racist either… Muslims are a multi-racial group of people from diverse cultural backgrounds, ethnicities and nationalities… You cannot be a Racist for opposing them.

We Must Call on the Government to Investigate the HMC & other Halal ‘Charities’ & ALL Business Irregularities…

Let’s Clean Up Britain!

BOYCOTT HALAL Products & Services!

22 Responses to Call on the Government to Investigate Halal ‘Charities’

  1. kate marsh says:

    im shocked, horrified, disgusted, i feel like a fool!!! im embarrassed to be british!! how and why this is happening I can’t comprehend. I’m sooooooooo angry it hurts!! what can I do?

    • BoycottHalal says:

      Please write to your MP, MEPs (I have 5!) and LORDs
      You can do that here…
      All it will cost is your time and you will get a reply from the House of Commons from your MP as this is the official Government website.

  2. Greg McKenna says:

    Sir when will the government be looking into the ugly trade of halal butchery where Muslims are claiming to be be charity’s to avoid uk tax and vat ……halal meat is slipping into the food chain unmarked so non-Muslims have no choice. Halal slaughter is barbaric and should be banned in this country ..the Koran states a Muslim can eat non-halal meat if the blesses it before hand …..I ask you to look into the above maters
    Yours Greg mckenna

  3. coleen oliver says:

    I like Kate had no idea what halal was all about, but I feel same as Kate does, I have some time, I will do what I can, however small it is better than nothing at all.. I can’t believe this has all been done under our noses nor what it is going to cost us as a nation if people don’t start to take an interest and fast and try like Sri Lanka has to turn it all around before we end up with no identity’s of our own, we need to wake up to what it is costing us as a nation, and not just in monetary terms..

    A quick Google search of the words ‘Islam will dominate’ is enough to start waking up about what is going on

  4. Gary says:

    why have our companies thought of this for our elderly and disabled people. I guess its just not in our nature.

  5. Mike Bonney says:

    Apart from the fact that halal companies may be working a scam as charities, I am more incensed at the video showing a slaughterhouse. How can we Brits allow such cruel and degrading (we are the ones degraded, not the animals) actions to be admimistered to animals. I for one am ashamed to be of the same species as these ‘butchers’. What can we do to stop it without being labelled as racist!

    • BoycottHalal says:

      Excuse the delay in replying – Just too busy looking after the Facebook Pages & Groups.
      my answer is that we must be strong – this is not a Racist issue.
      Muslims are not a Race – they are people like us – of many nationalities, languages, skin colours – so how can our protest be racially motivated? This is an empty accusation which is attempts to force us to be politically correct and halal compliant.
      We BOYCOTT HALAL because we are not muslims and do not want halal products or halal services at all.
      If the Followers of Islam want halal certification, let them PAY for it, not us!
      We are Non-muslims, therefore we do not require mainstream halal certification in our Non-Islamic countries – and we certainly do not want to pay for it!
      If we allow Muslims to pronounce this categorisation of everything as halal or haram… how long before we are labelled too -as kafir!
      We must ask our governments to STOP all halal certification on products that are destined for the mainstream supply chain in Non-Islamic countries like ours – Non-Muslims do not require halal certification at all – and they certainly do not want to find they are unwittingly buying halal products or halal services when they do their weekly shopping. Halal products have the hidden charges that have been paid to halal authorities – We do not want to contribute money to Islamic ends.
      Muslims only represent 4.8% of the population in Britain – No halal certification is needed for the 95%+ majority.
      Many Non-Muslims belong to religious movements that forbid eating food that has been offered to foreign gods… Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs are forbidden to eat halal food… So where are their Human Rights to not be forced to participate in another religion?
      We Call For a Halal Boycott & an immediate removal of Halal Certificates on mainstream products.
      We Call on the Government to investigate “Halal Charities” – We have evidence of bad business practice and Tax avoidance…
      If muslims want halal certification – let them keep it for themselves in their own communities – and let them pay for it – NOT US.

  6. Julia says:

    Can we organise a petition where if we get the amount of signatures it has to be discussed in Parliament?

    • BoycottHalal says:

      I have set up several Petitions on the Government website and so have many others (search with the term ‘halal’), but we never get anywhere near the number of signatures needed which I believe is 100,000. All ours have now expired, but we have others which we regularly post on our Facebook Page.
      We will do a post with petitions asap.
      Thanks for the suggestion Julia
      One of our Members has posted this one…

  7. ročne ure says:

    It could be a awesome as well as valuable bit of information and facts. My business is satisfied that you simply shared this handy information and facts with us. Please continue being you up to par in this way. Many thanks for spreading.

  8. Graham Clarke says:

    I have posted this a lot today …these are to my mind core issues … I respect your commitment …
    Two central aspects have been overlooked again… FIRST: The Welfare of Animals (E.U.) legislation sec12, waives the requirement for stunning before slaughter “AS LONG AS THE MEAT IS INTENDED FOR CONSUMPTION BY MUSLIMS” …now as the Muslim population comprises ~ 4.5% of the U.K.population, why is 85% of all meat produced in this country prepared under Halal conditions? … SECOND: Halal allows stunning, but it has to be “recoverable”, that is, the animal is stunned but only sufficient to allow the throat to be divided. The animal must be able to become aware as the division of the neck structures is completed in order that it is concious as it exsanguinates (bleeds to death). This does NOT! save the animal from feeling the pain resulting from having had its throat cut open, along with the feelings arising from its rapidly falling-disappearing-blood pressure. So talk of “stunning” in Halal is both qualified and meaningless without this qualification being used.
    So go watch a beheading video and witness the fear, pain, and terror as the neck is devided, along with the desperate attempts to breath with lungs filling with blood, the pleading look of abject terror, and the eventual loss of conciousness before the inevitable conclusion. Then tell yourself that animals cannot experience the same feelings as they are butchered in order that some among us can meet their religious requirements.Defra said it preferred animals be stunned before slaughter,but added it had “no intention” of stopping Jewish and Muslim communities from not doing so..”Although we would prefer animals to be stunned before slaughter, we respect the rights of Jewish and Muslim communities to eat meat in accordance with their beliefs”. What? the right to inflict indefensible pain on animals? Double-speak/hypocrisy or what?
    Then go ask the regulatory bodies why they are not acting to enforce the law? Perhaps a market value of £2.8billon a year comes into it somewhere …who knows…but then…”…The Prime Minister … is a strong supporter of religious freedoms, including religious slaughter practices.”

  9. This is shocking as I used to work for Defra and know how much red tape British farmers must go through to get the food to Market, and this is my point exactly and is why Muslims can afford to buy large houses and nice cars. They are all dodgy, lets take Halal Monitoring Committee Limited as an example was dissolved owing over £800,000 in debts and one of the directors was and no surprise Mr Zakaria Patel who is also a trustee of the charity. And what a surprise currently HMC (UK) has over £200,000 of debt and a total company value of around £30k.

    Seems to me that this is a major fraud going on and MUST be stopped.

  10. Fred East says:

    Halal is Not British and I object very strongly to being forced by lack of choice to swallow halal food and to buy halal certified products.
    I object strongly to funding Islam or Mohamedism or islamic terror by buying halal.
    The whole halal over the world is a scam as is obvious.

    • Ann Bryan says:

      Last Saturday I asked the chef who was serving at the Carvery we go to every week if the meat was Halal….he said I was the first person to ask and he didn’t think so but would ask the boss for me. He came to the table later and told us that it wasn’t halal and thanked me for asking.

  11. Peter Rawden says:

    All halal should be abolished, especially the slaughter. If the Islamic people want this they should go back to their own country !

  12. Louise says:

    Does anyone know why the media, having broken the story of halal meat becoming main stream, have gone deafeningly quiet on the subject? This needs to be kept alive in the press to inform people of what is happening to our food chain, the cruel practices of halal slaughtering and the financial implications of paying for unnecessary halal certification.

  13. Peter Rawden says:

    I fully support all the previous comments. BAN THIS BARBARIC PRACTICE NOW !!!……….

  14. khamran says:

    HMC are profit making crooks
    I was told Blackburn working for HMC man accepts bribes

  15. khamran shah says:

    I have heard HMC man in Blackburn accepts bribes how much?

  16. Pamela Joyce says:

    The whole charity sector is corrupt. HMRC is corrupt. The government is corrupt. They are planning to bring in legislation against Islamophobia. This country is going to hell in a handcart. We’ll soon be wearing the burqa.

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