Allied Bakeries: Kingsmill gets the halal sign

ALLIED BAKERIES PLC is now a Halal Certified Company So what does this mean?

“Halal” is an Arabic word meaning “lawful” or “permissible”, and the term not only covers food and drink, but also to all matters of daily life.

When it comes to halal food, most people think of meat foods only, but halal bi-products are now replacing ordinary bi-products in many foods and even the gelatine capsules used for medicines.

The World Halal Forum’s aim is to ensure that all foods, particularly processed foods, pharmaceuticals, and non-food items like cosmetics, are halal compliant.

Products may contain animal by-products or other ingredients that are not permissible for Muslims to eat or use on their bodies, so the change-over to halal will mean that every aspect of a company will need to be halal compliant and this will possibly involve changes to the ingredients in their products eg. A Cheese containing rennet will need to have that ingredient replaced with halal rennet. (Rennet is used to make milk into cheese and rennet is an enzyme that usually comes from Calves it is a bi-product. )

Company’s that are manufacturing &/or distributing products e.g. Dairy, Confectionery & Sauce products these will contain additives & flavourings along with the main ingredients which will need to be changed for the brand to become halal certified.


Last year in UK they aimed at Allied Bakeries and began by getting their Walthamstow Plant Halal Certified that will now be closely audited monitored & inspected by the HFA (Halal Food Authority).

See Allied Bakeries amongst others listed here on the HFA website…

This regular HFA audit now has to be paid for by Allied Bakeries, who will have probably been promised many benefits like wider distribution and expansion to new muslim markets. Ingredients used in the Allied Bakery Plant now have to meet the HFA Standard. All cleaning products used in the plant must be halal too and not contain alcohol the requirements for halal compliance go on & on… and can include muslim workers only in certain roles… which marginalises Non-Muslim British workers.

This move on Allied Bakeries towards halal compliance affected 4 Brands Sunblest, Burgen, Allinson and Kingsmill… but only Kingsmill (which involves 18 different types of bread) is showing the Halal Mark on its packaging which adds another additional cost.

So how can this be profitable with all these extra costs?

Many of these halal organisations are Registered Religious Charities and somehow have managed to claim that they are Non-Profit making, so get various Tax & VAT exemptions

(Yes… this will affect our economy as money is channelled off towards Islamic aims!)

NOTE that Allied Bakeries is one of the UK’s leading Bakery Businesses one of three divisions of Allied Milling and Baking, which in turn is a part of Associated British Foods (ABF) plc, a major international business with a turnover of £11.1bn and close to 102,000 employees working in 46 countries. In the UK, well-known ABF brands include: Twinings, Silver Spoon, Primark, Ryvita, Ovaltine, Patak’s and Jordans Cereals. They supply Bread to Schools… which will now be halal and there is no mention of this massive paradigm shift on their website…

Nowhere does it say on their website that Allied Bakeries is now a halal compliant company!

How do I know all this…???

I was on the phone to Allied Bakeries HQ every week as all these changes were made last year complaining… but it was all to no avail.

The only way we can show our dissatisfaction is to BOYCOTT ALLIED BAKERIES PRODUCTS and write & tell them we are doing so & why!

Vegetarians have specifically asked about Milk & Sauces… On that HFA link you will see a list of many companies including:

MEADOW FOODS Processors, Procurers, Manufacturers and distributors of HALAL Dairy products including Milk (skimmed, concentrates and full creamed), Anhydrous Milk Fat and varieties of Creams & Butters.

SMITHS FLOUR MILLS Processors, procurers, manufacturers and distributors of HALAL White Flour, Heat Treated Flour and Wheat Feed at Lincolnshire and Nottingham plants

VOLAC INTERNATIONAL Processors, procurers, manufacturers and distributors of Halal Whey Protein Isolate and Lactose Powder at named plant

The List goes on and on and on.

BOYCOTT HALAL to Reduce Demand and Slow Production

13 Responses to Allied Bakeries: Kingsmill gets the halal sign

  1. Kerry Bullen says:

    Until today I was unaware that you produced goods that are considered Halal,
    as a staunch protester against this method of slaughter on the grounds of extreme cruelty to animals, I will no longer be buying my 10 loaves of 50/50 per week from Allied bakeries.

  2. Linda Hibbett says:

    I am totally shocked and repulsed to learn that Kingsmill is selling halal products. I am absolutely against any halal products on the grounds of the extreme cruelty to the unfortunate animals that come into their hands. They have no regard for animals and I will now never buy another Kingsmill product. I would like to point out that until today Kingsmill was the only bread product that I did buy, several loaves a week. I will also make sure all my friends and family are aware of the use of halal in you products. I can’t say strongly enough how disgusted I am by this.

  3. mrs lorna lumsden says:

    I was made aware that kingsmill is selling halal products, the cruelty that is involved by the animals is appalling, muslims in this country should live as we live or leave. I shall not be buying kingsmill products and shall make sure my friends know of this

  4. b donnelly says:

    sick no more kings mill

  5. Beryl Gray says:

    i will no longer be buying your products until you remove halal fronom the product and stop pandering to islam we dont ask for halal and i totally disagree how they kill the animals – saying a prayer over it does not alleviate the suffering . you as a leading brand should be taking a stand against it not pandering to it yours in disgust

  6. Jacqueline Rae says:

    REPULSED ! if people heard the screams the tortured animals makd while dying NOBODY would by from any company trading as HALAL I will NO LONGER purchase any of your products !!!

  7. Gael Bage says:

    I will no longer be buying any Kingsmill products, or indeed anything Halal, I am no longer going to buy anything Halal I do not wish any part of my shopping to fund Islam or Halal I have no wish to support Islam or ISIS. I DO NOT SUPPORT THEIR CRUEL ANIMAL SACRIFICE. Britain was always humane towards animals before this.

  8. terry townsend says:

    My family will no long treat with you. We will select only non-halal food. Shame on you,do you think the the extra profit you make will compensate for good will and sales you will loose. To think that this Company is a willing supporter of Animal Cruelty is beyond the Pale.

  9. Ann Thiel says:

    I absolutly refuse to buy or use any of the halal products. And I think that it is inexcusable that we are not shown a label to tell us that it is halal. But there are ways and means of finding out if it is do we know not to buy it. I am spreading the word and signing petitions to get this altered and I hope that you get your comeuppance for all the cruelty that you have caused to our animals for allowing such evil slaughters

  10. Lisa Baker says:

    When I saw the Arabic scribble on my 50/50 loaf of bread I was mortified to say the least! It is now in the bin and I shall NEVER purchase their disgusting products again and espectially as money from sales goes towards Islamic activities.

  11. Elaine McKie says:

    I have only recently learned of this and am absolutely appalled ..
    Especially in regard to the method of animal slaughter and equal opportunities in the workplace.

  12. That’s me finished with Kingsmill. After years of buying your bread I am shocked to learn that you have gone halal. I will not allow any of my money to support Islam. Their cruelty is unbelievable.

  13. G. Person says:

    No more torture

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