60 Responses to RED TRACTOR Tricks Shoppers into buying Halal Meat!

  1. kate says:

    how is it a symbol of british food standards the red tractor, actually means the opposite we were buying red tractor believeing we were supporting our countries farmers, and the animal welfare standards were high, what a JOKE this country is! why is’nt there labeling for halal meat, these days all food has to tell you what it contains! eggs either say:- free range or from caged hens, this is the same we have a choice, our country is not a muslim country, we have freedom of speech and we will vote with our feet so to speak.

    • Sandra says:

      I was buying Red Tractor produce on the assumption it was British farmed meat and ethically scorced and slaughtered. When I found out it was none of those things, I looked for….free range, home fed and legally slaughtered and I found…… Field and Flower!
      I emailed them and they guarantee their animals are NOT HALAL, nor will they ever be!

      That did it for me and I have now placed my first order. Hopefully their meat is all they promise it too be!

      • gary says:

        feel poisoned & violated feel very strongly about doing something about this people wake up i want to eat christian or normal meat this should be the norm not the other way round supermarkets should label it correctly i will refuse to shop in any shops selling this tripe

        • Beverley Edwards says:

          I am a Vegetarian,however my husband eats meat, my local Butcher has assured me that his meat it is non halal . I’ve also found out that Morrisons sell non halal meat, I was so surprised, however their New Zealand lamb is halal.

  2. […] Food Standards’ (Red Tractor logo), seems to suggest that, actually, what you are eating is ritually slaughtered meat. Having looked into this further the number of products containing halal/kosher products is […]

  3. lucy willow says:

    eat pork!! that cant be halal…..

    • Toni Smith says:

      Yes so long as it isn’t from Denmark as their pigs are bred and kept in pens where they can’t move, in order for them to become fat. British pork ONLY.

      • Beverley Edwards says:

        I’m in absolute agreement, no Animal should suffer for man greed for cheap meat, buy from ethical responsible Buthcers.

    • Julia says:

      Yes it can. Haram meat is also killed in exactly the same way and sold on to the public through dishonest butchers, supermarkets etc by saying it’s not halal. Halal is what muslims eat, Haram is what the muslims sell to us because they consider it diseased.

  4. Ulfat riaz says:

    New Zealand lamb is hala as well , the reason being its healthy and
    Can be transported long distance . The concept of
    Hala is not just religious but also health reason .
    Boil hala meat and none and see the difference .
    The none hala bleeds into the water , not healthy .
    All the chicken sold in supermarket and neat is all
    Hala . Get over it and enjoy .

    • BoycottHalal says:

      We do not want or require halal meat whether from NZ or anywhere else – because we are NOT muslims and do not require it.
      Why do you speak of concealment? You say they won’t see the difference… This is an extremely disrespectful attitude.
      Let’s turn this around – How would you like to buy meat with a halal label that is not really halal?
      What if I was to say to you – get over it and enjoy that non-halal meat! ???
      Look – we, along with 75%+ of the world’s population are not muslims and do not require halal products or services.
      If muslims want halal – that is their choice and they can keep it to their own communities – but we Non-muslims do not want or require it!
      We have our own slaughtermen, butchers, farmers and depend on them for our meat and foods made from its bi-products… that do not require halal certification.
      Ulfit riaz says he wants halal – ok – that is your choice. If you want it – then you keep your halal industry within your muslim community & you pay for halal certification – Not us! We Non-muslims do Not require halal certification at all… and we certainly do not want to find out that we have been unwittingly paying for it!
      We oppose the vast over-production of halal products and services worldwide and we will BOYCOTT HALAL to reduce demand and slow production.
      Get over it & enjoy the traditional foods in your host nation, as you contribute and build up the economies in the Non-Islamic nations of the world that you have chosen to go and live in.

      • david odell says:

        Well said

      • Tom Bluett says:

        Yes very well said indeed.
        Look at the muslin who tried to sue a restaurant for £5000.00 for serving him non-halal meat.
        Cani sue for them selling halal meat to me without advising me????????? No I cannot.
        Halal is a disgusting practice and it’s disgusting us Christians are forced to eat it in our own country.

        Sort this mess out mr Cameron!!!

      • Sandra says:

        Totally agree, I’ve tried to buy non halal chicken for ages and have been told by a local butcher….”you’ll be lucky and you’d be surprised how many times I get asked that question”. Thinking I may have to goo vegan!!! But, I shouldn’t have to ‘fit in’ with the Muslim minority to be able to eat what I like?

      • Mr Clark says:

        Yes well said I absolutely agree with your comments and as for Ulfat Riaz that is a typical response coming from a muslim.

      • Beverley Edwards says:

        Your comment says it all thank you.

    • Coleen says:

      Why would I or any non muslim want to eat tortured toxin filled meat? Why would I want meat that has been bled for no other reason other than a dark age, superstitious, ridiculous out of date custom? A culture that has no place in the modern, evolved world..and certainly not in a non muslim country where there is entirely no necessity for it, regardless of what you are told, bring yourself into the light, the real evolved world, really scientifically, bleeding the meat has no other merit than sadistic torture purposes, true, don’t believe the brainwashing of the uneducated elders that shamefully and immorally led you to believe otherwise out of their own ignorance, there is no need to torture an animal in this ritualistic way, but hey if you feel you need to still believe that hey who can tell you to get with science.. cleary you want to remain ignorant as is your right, but please don’t try to pass on your ill informed mumbo jumbo opinion on the rest of us who evolved, that you should think its ok to shovel the stuff covertly really says a lot for your morals and ethics, and not in a positive and good way, this is a modern country, we are on the whole civilised here, apart from a few groups of people, we mostly evolved, we have no need of witchcraft rituals, if you really must have, keep it to yourselves in your own shops where we who do not require it don’t have to look at it..nor subsidise your need for it, really charity has its limits you know, if you can’t afford to have it entirely funding it yourselves, then eat non halal, all you have to do is bless it, and magically its halal! Then one day too, you also might get into heaven like the rest of us are.. Ok, hope this helps.

    • robert smith says:

      as my son inlaw is an Algerian muslim out of respect for him when he comes to my house for dinner we cook halal meat ,my problem with your comments are that we have not been told that it is halal we need the choice and I for one don’t want my meat ritually killed its inhumane
      and not according to our customs, so I will be campaigning for choice
      and proper labelling

    • mark armstrong says:

      Eat pork and get over it!

      • Sandra says:

        Much as I like pork, i do not want eat it at every meal, though I do also eat fish sometimes but we shouldn’t have to be forced to have anything that is done to suit a minority and my opinion Is, if that is the way they want to live, they should go to a country that supports them and their way of life. If I can find a shop, butcher, or farm that sells Non Halal meat they will get my custom. I cannot believe how we’ve been hoodwinked into this despicable practice!
        I also agree with Anthony Osborne.

    • Anthony Osborne says:

      I object to eating meat that has been dedicated to a foreign and false god. As a Christian, it is my RIGHT to be informed of meat that has been slaughtered in accordance with your barbaric beliefs so that I have the option of boycotting it. Muslims are only protesting because they know that if it was labelled, the vast majority of British citizens would boycott it, therefore causing the halal meat industry to collapse. It is only by trying to keep us in ignorance that it becomes viable

    • jane says:

      We have eaten healthy non-halal meat in the UK for thousands of years. We don’t need it now and we don’t need someone condescending to us to tell us to do what they do and “get over it”. I suggest you get over the need for halal which is cruel and has no place in this country under animal slaughter regulations as approved by the RSPCA. Halal is a disgraceful practice and one which all should be ashamed to be practising.

    • Dawn Dalton says:

      Ulfat Riaz – I believe you have the imagination of an insect if you cannot appreciate the suffering that your ridiculous ritual slaughter causes!!
      How would you feel if you were duped into buying non halal meat – well I feel exactly the same way about halal produced meat – how would you feel if non-muslims told you to ‘get over it’ – your so arrogant – you are (according to official statistics) a 5% minority so why should Halal meat be inflicted on the other 95%!!

    • m says:

      so cutting an animals throat without being stunned is ok ? and taking 6 mins to die just for the sake of faith, tell me what faith allows an animal to suffer pain ridiculous

      • barbara burnett says:

        Muslims don’t need to slaughter animals in this way at all – they can eat the meat if it is slaughtered normally.
        All they need to do is bless the meat at the table before eating!!!!!! No excuse for cruelty.

    • Areboul says:

      It is morally unhealthy! We have lived healthily with non halal meat for decades and do not wish to have this unnecessary and barbaric cruelty in modern, non violent countries.

    • Sandra says:

      I don’t want to ‘get over it’, have you seen an animal that has been killed your way…..it takes about 6 to 10 minutes to die and they pass urine and feceas all over the place. That really is hygienic, isn’t it!?

      Anyway, I have found somewhere that doesn’t kill their animals that way and NEVER will!

    • Steadfast says:

      Unlike you, we have some compassion for the way in which animals are slaughtered.

      You stick to your primitive methods and we’ll remain civilised.

      Get over it.

    • bwabbles says:

      No you get over it, there is no need for ritual slaughter at all. Muslims can eat any meat that is blessed at the table, its not the meat, its the cruel way the animal is slaughtered that we have issue with!!! Some religions cat eat halal meat, but are being sold it unknowingly, that is wrong!!!

    • barbara burnett says:

      Actually Christians cant eat halal meat – that is meat slaughtered to another God!

    • Toni Smith says:

      Ignorance or what. It’s not about the taste…it is about cruelty to animals and the ridiculous assumption that GOD accepts such cruelty.

    • Maria Day says:

      No. You bloody get over an archaic, cruel ritual sacrifice. It has no place in the 21st century. I will not eat lamb or beef until it is banned.

    • gary says:

      keep your healthy tripe as i will only buy English or Irish meat {non halal} so don’t need to buy crap from the other side of the world – you get over it

    • gary says:

      keep your tripe & you get over it christians sikhs buddhists & atheists dont want it

  5. denise bland says:

    “All Red Tractor meat is stunned prior to slaughter in line with all legislation, Codes of Good Practice and the guidelines of the Humane Slaughter Association. All animals must be humanely stunned or the meat cannot be labelled with the Red Tractor logo”,how can they make this statement ,and also state “It means that all aspects of the production of the poultry and lamb are consistent with the high standards of both the Halal rules and those of the Red Tractor scheme. These include pre-stunning and other humane methods of slaughter.” Halal slaughter is not stunned .What a contradiction.

    • debbie simpson says:

      I emailed ‘Red Tractor’ in regards to stunning and got the same reply as Denise Bland. So is their meat Halal and un-stunned or not? They are giving conflicting statements!

    • robert smith says:

      I am getting conflicting information about red tractor meat is it halal
      or not? all I want is to buy my meat that has been looked after and humanly killed

  6. wayne says:

    I will only be eating pork products from now on u can keep your vile halal crap

  7. elayne evans says:

    you can keep your halal meat we have a right to choose you do not have the right to take my rights away wont buy anything off you again ever

  8. lola says:

    You ignorant fools halal meat is the only way you can avoid diesease such as bovine mad cow and swine flu even the food industry and expert scientists can’t argue that!
    If you are so humane why not become a veggie?

    • BoycottHalal says:

      The Health Risks of Halal Meat… Ritual slaughter blamed for rise in E.coli and Campylobacter cases
      The ‘ritual’ slaughter practised to ensure that meat is acceptable to Muslims involves severing the entire neck save for the spinal column and draining blood from the animal without anaesthetization. Under EU guidelines on hygiene standards with regard to slaughter, this practice is forbidden.
      Regulation (EC) No 853/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 29 April 2004 laying down specific hygiene rules for food of animal origin (OJ L 139, 30.4.2004, p. 55).
      This rule is not applicable when slaughter takes place according to a religious custom. In addition EU legislation on animal welfare.
      Council Directive 93/119/EC of 22 December 1993 on the protection of animals at the time of slaughter or killing (OJ L 340, 31.12.1993, p. 21).
      The FACT is that the vast majority that this halal Ritually Slaughtered meat is being sold to – often without their knowledge – are NOT Followers of Islam and do not require halal meat – or the Rejected Haram cast-offs either – or the halal animal bi-products, which are foisted on Non-muslim shoppers & consumers in Dairy & Confectionery products as well!
      All meat used for mainstream supply should follow EU guidelines ~ The trachea and oesophagus should not be harmed during bleeding. This type of ritual slaughter allows pathogens to enter the blood easily and spread through the body of the animal whilst it is in its death throes… Whilst the creature is slowly dying and suffering it can be suffer strong convulsions which mean that the entire slaughter area becomes contaminated with urine and excrement.
      Campylobacter and E.coli cases in Europe are “directly related” to an alleged increase in ritual slaughter which has been likened to a “sanitary bomb”.
      How can Non-muslim Shoppers & Consumers avoid Ritually Slaughtered meat when it is NOT properly labelled as such!!!
      Directive 2000/13/EC on the approximation of the laws of the Member States relating to labelling, presentation and advertising of foodstuffs, OJ L 109, 6.5.2000.
      There needs to be clear transparency of labelling and we have been asking Governments for a Legal obligation to Label Halal Ritually Slaughtered meat properly since 2009, but all they do is Promise that information on the stunning of animals will be considered – which is NOT what we have asked for at all.
      Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October 2011 on the provision of food information to consumers, amending Regulations (EC) No 1924/2006 and (EC) No 1925/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council, and repealing Commission Directive 87/250/EEC, Council Directive 90/496/EEC, Commission Directive 1999/10/EC, Directive 2000/13/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council, Commission Directives 2002/67/EC and 2008/5/EC and Commission Regulation (EC) No 608/2004, OJ L 304, 22.11.2011, p. 18. Communication on the EU strategy for the protection and welfare of animals 2012-2015, COM(2012) 6.
      So it is the responsibility of the Competent Authorities in the Member States to carry out appropriate official controls to ensure that food business operators comply with the requirements of EU legislation. In particular they must verify that hygienic rules and procedures are always respected.
      BUT THEY DON’T – See the latest shocking findings!!!
      Chicken Campylobacter: More Supermarkets In UK Found To Be Contaminated With Toxic Chicken Campylobacter ~ STILL RISING – March 2015
      According to Food Standards Agency, a quarter million people are threatened to be affected with Chicken Campylobacter this 2015.
      An investigation rolled out by FSA has found that three quarters or 75 percent of supermarket chickens are infested with the toxic bacteria. In the research, they found that one in every five chicken is infected with campylobacter.
      FSA has reported chicken campylobacter to the following supermarkets as follows: Asda, 78.9 percent, Morrisons, 76.2 percent, The Co-operative, 75.6 percent, Marks & Spencer, 72.2 percent, Waitrose, 71.7 percent, Sainsbury’s, 69.6 percent, and Tesco, 68. 2 percent, Food Safety News revealed.
      As reported by Daily Mail, chicken campylobacter has affected 280,000 people in UK.
      It also has killed 100 people yearly making it Britain’s top cause of food poisoning.
      2015 – Chicken Campylobacter: More Supermarkets In UK Found To Be Contaminated With Toxic Chicken Campylobacter
      2015 Chicken Campylobacter: More Supermarkets In UK Found To Be Contaminated With Toxic Chicken Campylobacter
      We appeal for Common Sense and a return to proper Animal Husbandry and an adherence to WATOK Regulations for Halal Ritual Slaughter and to the proper regulations for mainstream supply.
      Surely Prof. Temple Grandin is right when she says…
      “I think using animals for food is an ethical thing to do, but we’ve got to do it right.
      We’ve got to give those animals a decent life and we’ve got to give them a painless death.
      We owe the animal respect.”
      —Temple Grandin

    • Steadfast says:

      lola. I think your comment comes under the heading of ‘taqiyya’.

  9. mauricemojo234 says:

    Having written to asda a while ago, referring to halal foods, I was told anything halal will be clearly stamped as halal.
    Then I found out this red tractor nonsense. allah is most deceiving and our supermarkets also.

  10. Judith rogers says:

    I do not want ritually slaughtered meat, I am not Muslim, therefore I do not have to eat it. Why in a Christian country do I not have a choice, it is an absolute disgrace.

  11. megan carter says:

    I have no desire to purchase any halal products and shall avoid purchasing them. The halal slaughter of meat is completely alien to our culture and should be stopped.

  12. Linda Snowden says:

    Ditto well said. I have stopped eating meat until I am sure it is not halal.

  13. mavis price says:

    England is supposedly a nation of animal lovers So why do supermarkets trading in England support such barbaric methods of slaughtering animals

  14. John stevens says:

    Halaal meat is not barbaric

    If done properly with sharp knife one slit of the jugular vein and animal does not feel any pain

    This has been proven by scientific research which shows no change to EEC graph 3 seconds after incision made on the animal indicating no pain felt by the animal

    Compare same graph after stunning and the ECC graph changes indicating animal felt severe pain seconds after the stunning

    • BoycottHalal says:

      You quote from am old outdated study John that has since been disproved by Scientific evidence Eg. The DIALREL PROJECT in 2010.
      A Four Year Study of Ritual Slaughter was carried out by many European Scientists for the EU and they came to the conclusion that halal Ritual Slaughter is unnecessarily cruel.
      Their findings are fully explained in this paper (see next comment) and they also made a video of evidence which you can watch here…
      This Video is by Leading European Scientists Condemns HALAL RITUAL SLAUGHTER WITHOUT STUNNING
      This outrage is going on in many countries of the world.

      See this… a Full Scientific Report that was appointed by the EU into Ritual Slaughter… The DIALREL PROJECT.
      Halal Authorities say there is no evidence that cutting an animals throat while fully conscious, then hanging it to bleed slowly to death is cruel – but clearly there is:
      Veterinary Concerns

  15. - says:

    if people really cared about animals it wouldn’t be too much trouble to eat vegetables,nuts,and pulses or at least shop at the coop for meat.Supply meets demand. hope everyone passes the message around and on the next shop check the codes in store and complain to the manager. that will get the ball rolling.if you have already bought incorrectly labelled meat then bring the packaging in and threaten legal action. This website ignores kosher which is different name, same thing.

  16. ann porter says:

    If that is not cruel to an animal, then it cant be cruel to a human. Perhaps if the death penalty ever returned then we can introduce throat cutting and hung to slowly die.

  17. karen says:

    I think its time ritualistic slaughter was banned in the UK. It’s barbaric practice inflicts horrific suffering on animals as seen in undercover footage. Animals necks hacked away at many times. Mocked tormented by seeing the knives and the slaughter of the animal in front of them. Botched cutting of their throats the animal are still alive even when bleeding out. They are beaten thrown on to convey belts with contempt. The knives are not sterulised after each use and neither is the blood cleaned up or the area sterilized after each hacking of the neck. Hung upside by one leg whilst still conscious bleeding out. The contamination of urine and faeces from the animals enter the blood stream and the raised cortisol levels caused by stress and fear contaminate the meat as those hormones when raised at high levels are toxic.
    The fear of the animals is great. Hence the number of of cases of food poisoning every year. I won’t eat any meat that is ritually slaughtered. Apparently the Jewish and muslim community campaigned to stop meat being labelled as ritually slaughtered because it made it sound dirty. What a joke the whole process is a breeding ground for bacteria. The rights and welfare of animals should come first. Not religious requirement by a minority who kid themselves that ritual slaughter isn’t pain full. Denial is ignorance. Food needs labels on stating whether its ritually slaughtered or not. As the majority are highly offended by the barbaric slaughter and abuse of animals.

  18. John says:

    I contacted the Red tractor logo assurance scheme recently and they told me categorically that the Red tractor scheme ensures that all meat is stunned before death so this article is just a scare story to confuse the public. If you go on the red tractor scheme website you can read the requirements of the scheme yourself. Right now without better legislation the red tractor and RSPCA assurance scheme are the only ways people can avoid eating and supporting the vile halal practice.

  19. English, and proud! says:

    If just ONE ethical supermarket started slaughtering its own animals by
    means that the British had steadfastly adhered to from time immemorial, and stopped kowtowing to this low-life, who have as much compassion for animals as they do for us NON-MUSLIMS… the vast majority then they’d strike one blow in gaining British values back. WE WERE HERE FIRST, AND DOING ALL RIGHT THANKS!!!

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