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Brazil meat-packing giants ‘exported rotten beef’

HARAM MEAT has been dedicated to Allah and ritually slaughtered – but REJECTED by the Muslim Inspector as being “Unfit For Muslim Consumption” at the Post Slaughter Inspection.

Operation Weak Flesh was launched in the early hours of Friday in six Brazilian states after a two-year investigation. Federal police carried out raids in 194 locations, deploying more than 1,000 officers.
The authorities in Brazil suspended 33 government officials amid allegations that some of the country’s biggest meat processors have been selling rotten beef and poultry for years.
Three meat processing plants have also been closed and another 21 are under scrutiny.

QUOTE: ‘Selling rotten beef and poultry for years’

Much of the meat produced by the companies accused is exported to Europe and other parts of the world.
Brazil is the world’s largest red meat exporter.
China and Hong Kong, which together are the biggest export market for Brazilian meat, were the destination for about a third of the $5.5 billion of beef shipped from Latin America’s largest economy last year, according to the meat exporters group Abiec.
The European Union is the second-largest market, with 13 percent of the exports.
China and Hong Kong are also the biggest Brazilian market for chicken, while the European Union ranks third, according to the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein Abpa
Police allege three BRF cargoes tainted with salmonella are still en route to Europe.
The U.S. bought $297.8 million of red meat from Brazil in 2016, according to government data.

Much of the meat produced by the companies accused is exported to Europe and other parts of the world.
Police investigators accuse more than 30 companies of a number of unhygienic practices.
Among them are JBS, the world’s largest beef exporter, and BRF, the world’s top poultry producer.

Investigations over the past two years, are still ongoing

The investigators allege that some managers bribed health inspectors and politicians to get government certificates for their products. They accuse more than 30 companies of a number of unhygienic practices. Among them are JBS, the world’s largest beef exporter, and BRF, the world’s top poultry producer.
Brazilian federal police said they have evidence of at least 40 incidents.
Read more here…
Brazil meat-packing giants ‘exported rotten beef’

Explanations Sought

The European Committee for Health and Food Safety is aware of the investigation and is seeking additional information, according to an emailed statement Sunday. China and the U.S. have also requested explanations, O Estado de S. Paulo newspaper reported, without saying how it obtained the information.
Clearly the Brazilian government must be worried that the US, China and the EU may ban meat imports from Brazil, worth $12bn (£9.7bn) a year.

Brazil tainted meat probe widens as trade partners study impact

Global Investigation Needed Into The Halal Industry

This Brazilian investigation into the Rotten Meat – the Substandard meat – the Halal Rejects – should be happening worldwide – in every single country that is producing halal meat.

The Name of this Rotten Meat is THE HARAM… but they cannot use that word or no one would buy it – so it is sold off cheap as Non-Halal!

This so-called ‘NON-HALAL’ meat is destined for Sargents Pies.
Honestly… what Conventional Abattoir would label their meat ‘Non-Halal’?
We know from one of our Members who took these photographs, that this meat was from a Halal Slaughterhouse… from the Haram Warehouse.
The Rejected Halal meat will never be sold as Haram – or no one would buy it!

Honestly… What conventional abattoir would label their Beef ‘Non-halal’?

How the Halal becomes Haram

According to Sharia Law this meat, from the halal slaughterhouse, cannot be called Halal, despite the fact that the animal it’s from would have been prayed over, turned to face Mecca and Ritually Slaughtered – with a Reversible Stun Or No Stun at all.
The difference is, that the Muslim Inspector REJECTS this meat, often at the Post-Slaughter Inspection and pronounces it HARAM or “Unfit For Muslim Consumption” and the carcass is immediately Separated and put in the Haram warehouse.
Just to clarify again what happens… at every Halal Slaughterhouse there are TWO warehouses where meat is stored – One for the Halal & One for the Haram – the Haram is the Rejected Downgraded meat. This meat is sold off cheap to the Big Buyers who sell it off UNLABELLED to us – and we unwittingly buy it thinking it is conventional meat – WHICH IT IS NOT – It is the Ritually Slaughtered Haram!.

See for example, the Government endorsement of the Rejected Substandard Halal on this Official Document which is used in ALL Australian HALAL Slaughterhouses – they call it downgraded here.

See the Government endorsement of the Rejected Substandard Halal on this Official Document which is used in ALL Australian HALAL Slaughterhouses – they call it downgraded here.

No note is made of WHY the halal meat is rejected at halal slaughterhouses – so it could be anything from some innocuous ‘blemish’ that is only seen after the carcass is cut open, or maybe there was an accidental spillage of stomach contents (which is NOT allowed to be washed off) OR even worse on cutting open the animal, it may have dodgy lungs or thought to be diseased!

The Rejected Halal meat will never be sold as Haram – or no one would buy it!
This Outrageous sale of the discarded meat from the halal industry slaughterhouses needs Full Investigation and Must be stopped.
That is aside from the investigations needed concerning the HUGE Money Making Racket called Halal Certification…
AND aside from the Shocking Halal Torture Slaughter that is happening in all Halal Slaughterhouses – whether after the Cruel Reversible Stun outrage, or when animals are slaughtered and left to bleed out for minutes after No Stun at all – all in the Name of an outdated 7th Century Religion.

Many Good people fought against animal cruelty in slaughterhouses for years…and they won the battle…. but now we are seeing a rise of a much worse slaughtering method than we ever had.
Why are we tolerating 7th Century cruel conscious ritual slaughter methods when 21st Century humane methods are available?

Ensure you KNOW how the animal has been slaughtered and where… because a butcher can truthfully say that Haram discarded meat is NOT halal…. and they will! Some have even rubbed a pork chop over the meat and said… “There, it cannot be halal now!” with a smile… but this is no laughing matter.
Absolutely disgusting practices are now going on that would never have been tolerated in the past, but a blind eye is turned, because we are dealing with the Halal Industry.
This outrage of foisting the downgraded Haram Meat mainstream and towards exports is happening worldwide… to save waste and to keep down costs.
Brazilian ‘Rotten Meat’ was not only exported – it was sold mainstream in Brazil to schools, Wal-Mart and to unsuspecting shoppers and consumers.

Clearly this Torture Slaughter halal meat is often tough as old boots and inedible and those facts are covered up when it is boiled for hours to make a curry… but we in the West like to eat rare steaks and roasted joints of meat… so this sub-standard meat has to have added tenderisers to make it edible… but even worse has been revealed by the Brazilian Investigations…
Read More here…
Brazil’s Latest Scandal: Bribes, Acid and Tainted Meat Sales

Buy Local if you can… Support Your Local Farmers!
Ensure you KNOW how the animal has been slaughtered and where… because a butcher can truthfully say that Haram discarded meat is NOT halal…. and they will!

Don’t just ask “Is this meat halal?” or “Is this Non-halal Meat?”
1. Do you ever source your meat or poultry from suppliers that may allow prayers to be said over the livestock?
2. Do you ever source meat or poultry from suppliers that may employ halal slaughtering techniques?
3. Do you ever source your meat or poultry from suppliers that may use the ‘recoverable stun’ method of slaughter?
4. Will you divulge the name & details of any companies that you source your meat from please?

AND if you are in the EU…
ASK: Will you divulge the EU Meat Codes of your suppliers? – this will be written on the carcass & delivery notes/invoices.
In UK – Put those Meat Codes that are written on meat carcasses & on all packaged meat into the ‘Where’s This From?’ App to find out the Name of the Slaughterhouse &/or Cutting Plant…
then further research will be needed by doing a Google search &/or contacting the company, to find out if they use halal techniques using the sort of questions listed above.

Please don’t just ignore this issue – Contact your politicians and those in positions of power.
Contact the Press & Media and Demand a Full Investigation!

Noticeably there has been No mention at all that this Rotten Meat is the Haram, but as all the Brazilian companies involved are suppliers of Halal Ritually Slaughtered Meat – it must be!

We see the same cover up as there always is when the Halal Industry is involved… much the same as the cover-up of Muslim Grooming & Rape Gangs which went on for 10 years in UK and it continued until over 1400 underage girls had been violated in just one British town… Once the scandal was exposed, it was revealed that the Grooming Rape Gangs had been active all over Britain in every town. If you want to see Proof of this, some of the details have been recorded on our other Facebook page Chronological Evidence 2 here…
Chronological Evidence 2

Let’s not allow this Haram Meat Scandal to continue until it triggers widespread Food Poisoning or even death.
The right to know what you are buying is basic. Triply so with food.
Ask where you shop where the meat was sourced, and refuse it if it from a halal slaughterhouse.
We cannot allow this shyster like Pascal’s wager to be played on us, where producers figure that if all meat is Halal then they do not lose any of their market share.
They have to know that the cost of Islamification of the west, as well as abandoning all civilised rules for agriculture and animal husbandry, is the loss of the business of we poor kuffar.
That’s why we BOYCOTT HALAL!
Boycott all companies that promote Halal Meat & Poultry and Halal Certified products & services.

ADDENDUM on 21st March 2017

So where’s the unadulterated Halal Beef Exports going?
In 2014 the Brazilian Halal beef is up by 22.66% in one year since 2013 & on the tables of most families within the Middle East and North Africa countries.
VIDEO from ArabBrazilianChamberTV – The Brazilian Halal beef | Economy and Foreign Trade
Brazilian Halal beef – 2013-14 Up 22.66% in one year

COMMODITIES | Mon Mar 20, 2017 | 11:00pm EDT China, EU cut imports of Brazil meat amid scandal
See Video in this Link:
China, EU cut imports of Brazil meat amid scandal

ALJAZEERA: Brazil’s rotten meat scandal prompts major import bans
Crisis deepens in world’s biggest beef and poultry-exporting nation as China and EU react to health certificate scandal.
“The economic impact will depend to a large extent on how long any bans stay in place. There are some reasons for optimism here.”
See Interesting Video: Talk to Al Jazeera – Beyond meat: The end of food as we know it?
Al Jazeera – Beyond meat: The end of food as we know it?

FINANCIAL TIMES: China, the EU, South Korea and Chile on Monday announced full or partial suspensions of shipments of meat and chicken from Brazil amid a scandal over adulterated meat in the Latin American country. 
China and EU suspend meat shipments from Brazil

FURTHER ADDENDUM on 9th May 2017

BRF executives among 60 charged in Brazil bribery scandal – Thu Apr 20, 2017 |
The charges come a month after police raided plants operated by BRF and beef company JBS SA in an investigation known as “Operation Weak Flesh.” Police said they found evidence of meatpackers bribing inspectors and politicians to overlook unsanitary practices such as processing rotten meat and shipping exports with traces of salmonella.

Brazil says 10 nations still undecided on resuming meat imports – Thu May 4, 2017
Brazil’s Agriculture Minister Blairo Maggi said on Thursday that 10 countries have yet to decide whether to reopen their markets for Brazilian meat imports after a food safety scandal in March.
Major meat importers issued bans after Brazilian federal police unveiled a probe into alleged bribery of health officials by meat processing companies to skip inspections and ignore abuses.


HALAL MEAT IS ILLEGAL & has been since 1995

LEGALLY, No-Stun Ritually Slaughtered Meat should be for Muslims ONLY
– NOT for Everyone.

Shoppers & Consumers are unwittingly buying & eating Unstunned Halal Meat & Poultry – which is illegal, because it is being distributed to them without clear labelling. There is concern about the VAST Over-production of Halal Meat in UK, which needs to be curbed through legal enforcement by the Government.
Since 2012 at least 20% of Halal Meat & Poultry in UK is No-Stun Ritually Slaughtered Meat that has been dedicated to Allah…and this meat is being sold in Supermarkets on the Halal Counters, mainly to Non-muslim customers – which is ILLEGAL.
The majority of Muslims will only buy No-Stun halal meat from Halal Butchers Shops – they will not buy from supermarket Halal Counters, because they cannot be sure that the supermarket meat is authentic halal.
This has been confirmed by the Head of a leading international Halal Authority – the HCA – see his words here…

HALAL MEAT loses its certification unless sold in a Halal Shop

HALAL MEAT loses its certification unless sold in a Halal Shop

Muslim concerns are that the halal meat has been contaminated at some stage of the production or distribution line. Transportation without further halal certification at other logistics levels can be an issue and even handling by a Non-muslim can be considered to cause contamination issues; furthermore the fact that halal meat is being sold in a shop that also sells pork, can also put off muslim shoppers.
No-Stun Halal Meat is also illegally being given to all School pupils in many schools & colleges.
There are an increasing number of Schools serving HMC Halal Meat – this No-Stun Halal Meat & Poultry is given to ALL pupils, including Non-muslim pupils, often without their parent’s knowledge or consent. In far too many Primary Schools, the Nick Clegg policy of Free School Dinners for ALL ends up imposing Halal meat & poultry on All children, whether they are Muslims or not. The excuse given is that the kitchens must follow halal guidelines according to Sharia Law, so that the muslim pupils can be assured they will be served halal dinners. The same is happening in a covert way in many other institutions eg. Hospitals, where patients are rarely told they are being served halal – and when you find out it is impossible to buy any conventional meat – your only option is to go vegetarian… and then you may be served Halal Certified Quorn (all Quorn is HC now).
This practice is Illegal according to the Original Licence of Exemption (see image below) which clearly states that Halal Meat that is processed without any stun at all should be for Muslim consumption ONLY – NOT for everyone.

Questions need to be asked, such as WHY is the FSA (Food Standards Agency) turning a blind eye to the License of Exemption Rule?
Halal should just be a niche market in UK, like kosher has always been.

The Scottish Government have admitted that the placing of non-stunned meat slaughtered in the UK into the general food chain has been illegal since 1995.
Essential Reading – Please Click on LINK to Read the Post.

UK – HALAL MEAT IS ILLEGAL & has been since 1995

The Scottish Government admits that halal meat has been illegal since 1995

The Scottish Government admits that halal meat has been illegal since 1995

The Welfare of Animals (Slaughter or Killing) Regulations (WASK) 1995 state that all animals slaughtered in the UK should be fully stunned to the point of insensibility before slaughter and until death. A dispensation exists in WASK for animals slaughtered for Halal and Kosher meat which states that these animals are not required to be stunned. Section 12.2 of the legislation states that meat from animals not stunned must ONLY be sold/ provided to Muslims & Jews.

The Original Licence of Exemption – which is definitely still valid – clearly states that No-Stun Halal & Kosher Meat should be for Jews & Muslims ONLY – NOT for Everyone.
Here is an image of that Licence which I obtained from a Muslim Charity website belonging to: The London Central Mosque Trust & the Islamic Cultural Centre (ICC)
…the highlight in black is theirs not ours, but the key words we care about are below that highlighted section, in that same paragraph…

Quote: ‘It is an offence to Slaughter livestock under the exemption from stunning, if it is known that the meat is not intended for the food of Muslims or Jews.’


The original Licence of Exemption from Regulations of Normal Livestock Slaughter

In 2012, around 20% of Halal meat produced in the UK was from animals slaughtered with no form of stunning. (Food Standards Agency. June 2012)… yet only 6% of the UK population are Muslims according to the 2011 Census. This outrageous Over-production of halal meat must STOP!


Animals are NOT being Stunned properly – so they become conscious again within seconds
Also of grave concern is the remainder of Halal meat – the 80% – which is sourced from animals that are subjected to a stun method called “stun-to-stun” or “reversible stun”. This stunning method uses an amperage far below that recommended in guidelines for an effective stun. In fact Prof.Temple Grandin has said that the Livestock begin to recover within 15 seconds of the Reversible Stun being administered.
NOTE that Muslims say clearly that the Proper Stun could result in the death of the animal, so it cannot be used, because this Meat process cannot be Halal.
Just to be clear on this – a Proper Stun will put the animal or poultry into an IRREVERSIBLE state of unconsciousness and into a PERMANENT state of being insensible to pain… That is the reason the traditional stun cannot be used for halal meat, which can only be obtained from animals & poultry that are ALIVE at the point of slaughter.

Our traditional slaughter methods have been changed…
For example, sheep used to be stunned to the Head AND the Body – now they are given a Low stun to the Head ONLY – surely this is ILLEGAL too!

Comparison of Head & Body Stuner AND Head Only Stunner

Many devout Muslims speak out against the Reversible Stun that is being used in so many Slaughterhouses, saying it is more cruel than No Stun at all.
That is because the animals are becoming conscious after the throat cut, thrashing out and bellowing loudly on the slaughter line – until “Allah knows best”.
We are repeatedly told that animals have been seen to suffer during the Halal process by Licenced slaughterhouse workers.
Reversible Stunning leads to completely unnecessary suffering in 21st Century Britain – it is very cruel.
It takes at least 6 minutes for cattle to die after the throat cut… at least 4 minutes for sheep & goats to die and at least 2 minutes for poultry & ducks.
AND many muslims completely reject Halal Meat that has been subjected to any form of stunning anyway!

We have gathered a lot of evidence from Halal Board/Authority websites eg. the Halal Food Authority (HFA) & HLC which clearly states their intention of using low stun to immobilise to bring animals under control before the throat cut. They speak of twisting the controller to “turn down the current to the lowest setting” – but this practice has always been against regulations – yet DEFRA & the FSA have turned a blind eye – when we have written or rang to complain – and we have spoken to the Heads of these authorities – DEFRA will say it is the responsibility of the FSA and the FSA will say it is DEFRA’s responsibility. We have been pointing out this outrage since 2009 and it is the same people at the top of these organisations, whatever Government is in power.
The latest EU WATOK Regulations state:
The Welfare of Animals at the Time of Killing (England) Regulations 2015
You are here: 2015 No. 1782SCHEDULE 2
Electric currents

28. No person may use electrical stunning or killing equipment or any other instrument which applies an electric current to an animal—

(a)as a means of restraining an animal;
(b)as a means of immobilising an animal; or
(c)except in accordance with paragraph 20 of this Schedule, as a means of making an animal move.

The Welfare of Animals at the Time of Killing (England) Regulations 2015 You are here: 2015 No. 1782 SCHEDULE 2

After a public consultation in 2013, new stricter rules were passed for EU countries on 1st January 2013, which clearly stated the minimum stun that animals and poultry should be given, but here in Britain those rules were completely ignored and the old 1995 WASK Rules remain still to this day – PROOF HERE…

On 3-5-2014 the new EU WATOK Regulations were Revoked Before Implementation. WATOK = Welfare At Time Of Killing

On 3-5-2014 the new EU WATOK Regulations were Revoked Before Implementation.
WATOK = Welfare At Time Of Killing

Why have we tolerated this in 21st Century Britain?

2018 UPDATE from the Government’s current Legislation website – Quote:

5.1 Slaughterhouse operators have full responsibility for animal welfare at their premises. Official veterinarians, supported by inspectors, must make sure that relevant legal requirements and animal welfare safeguards are met by the business operator.
5.2 Council Regulation (EC) 1099/2009 on the protection of animals at the time of killing came into force across Europe on 1 January 2013. Most aspects of the EU regulation applied immediately.
5.3 Enforcement provisions in Scotland are provided through the Welfare of Animals at the Time of Killing (Scotland) Regulations 2012 (WATOK), which came into force on 1 January 2013. Wales has implemented the Welfare of Animals at the Time of Killing (Wales) Regulations 2014, which came into force on 20 May 2014. Northern Ireland also has similar legislation in place, introduced on 21 May 2014.
5.4 No similar provision has so far been introduced in England, and the Welfare of Animals (Slaughter or Killing) Regulations (WASK) 1995 remains in place, until new implementing legislation is introduced by the Secretary of State for Defra.
5.5 Pending the introduction of WATOK, enforcement in England relies on surviving elements of the preceding WASK legislation, on general powers in the Animal Welfare Act 2006, and the EC Food Hygiene legislation.
6.1 Policy on animal welfare is a devolved issue, and different governments have taken different decisions on issues relating to animal welfare e.g. WATOK. We will continue to work with Welsh Government and Westminster officials to deliver controls which are effective in delivering their policy objectives and protecting consumer rights.
7.3 The FSA’s own public attitudes tracker asks consumers about a range of food-related issues. In the most recent study in November 2014, 41% identified animal welfare as a concern. This was lower than food prices (50%), food waste (48%) and sugar in food (47%); but higher than food hygiene when eating out (39%), food poisoning (32%) and genetically modified food (24%)3.
7.4 Animal welfare issues were touched on in the Citizens’ Forum programme carried out in 2014, as we developed the 2015-20 strategy. Consumers felt uncomfortable about the potential results of their food choices in terms of poor animal welfare – but felt that there were few viable ways they could affect the practice of food producers, other than by paying a premium.
7.5 Further information is provided in Annex B.
7.6 With input from our communications and social science experts, we propose that additional research on consumers’ views on transparency regarding animal welfare, including consumer choices and trade-offs is carried out.

We must BOYCOTT HALAL Meat – Leave Halal Meat on the Supermarket shelves to rot & complain!
– Insist on conventional meat from your Butcher or buy direct from Farmers you know.
This will be difficult to avoid halal meat & poultry, because most, if not all meat going through Smithfield Meat Market is now halal ritually slaughtered! Smithfield Market or, to give it its official name, London Central Markets, is the largest wholesale meat market in the UK and one of the largest of its kind in Europe. Start researching where your meat is from – and refuse to buy from any company that is allowing prayers and ritual slaughter to be performed on their animals or poultry. If a business has allowed Halal practices to be performed on their premises… even if it is sometimes & not to all their animals or poultry… then how will we know if it is covertly selling us the rejected halal – the haram meat – as if it is the conventional meat we require?

What can we do?
Any business producing halal whether reversibly stunned or unstunned, either some of the time or all of the time… we will Boycott – we will not buy their brands or any products associated with that supplier.

NOTE that it is mandatory for ALL EC Meat to bear the Licence Number of the Abattoir where it was sourced!
Most Meat in UK will have an EC Meat Code number like this… it must be stamped on ALL Meat Carcasses AND it must appear on ALL packaged Meat.

Look out for a UK MEAT CODE like this one

Please research where the meat you are buying is sourced from – the 4 digit EC Meat Code (which is the establishment’s Licence Number!) is on all meat sold in Europe and is traceable back to source… however some supermarkets make it a little more confusing – see this from Morrisons…



All of the Abattoirs & Slaughterhouses & Cutting Plants are listed on this Government webpage – and it is updated every month. It does not tell us which of these are producing halal meat or poultry, but it does tell us every establishment’s Licence Number – so with a little research we can ring & ask them if they allow prayers at any of their abattoirs, or search Google to discover records of their activities.
For huge Government list scroll down this page for the red meat (ungulates) & the poultry (lagomorphs) slaughterhouses:
Government website Link to List of Meat Establishments

WHERE’S THIS FROM App for iPhones & Androids
There is a very useful APP called WTF = ‘Where’s This From’ that will not tell you if the meat is halal or not, but it will tell you where the meat is sourced, if you type in that 4 digit code that is on the carcass or the meat packaging! Armed with the name of the Slaughterhouse or Cutting Plant you can Google that business to find out about it or ring up the slaughterhouse to ask if they say a blessing over their livestock or not.
This App is completely FREE to use!

Research where your Meat & Poultry was sourced from before you buy.

Research where your Meat & Poultry was sourced from before you buy.

THIRDLY we have the problem of the HARAM MEAT…

THIRDLY we have the problem of the mis-selling of the downgraded, sub-standard, Haram Meat mainstream – this Rejected Ritually Slaughtered meat, is being mis-sold to us, as if it is conventional meat… which it certainly isn’t.

HARAM MEAT has been dedicated to Allah and ritually slaughtered - but REJECTED by the Muslim Inspector as being "Unfit For Muslim Consumption"

HARAM MEAT has been dedicated to Allah and ritually slaughtered – but REJECTED by the Muslim Inspector as being “Unfit For Muslim Consumption”

The Halal Industry sell off cheap their Ritually Slaughtered downgraded, sub-standard, Haram Meat to Big Buyers from Supermarkets, Butcher’s Shop and Restaurant chains… who will then sell it onto anyone who will buy cheap meat, or will serve it up in mainstream restaurants & fast food takeaway chains, as if it is conventional meat. Rejected halal meat must never be referred to as ‘halal’ according to Sharia Law…so the retailers will say it is NOT halal!
Obviously it is NOT labelled HARAM MEAT – or no one would buy it!
In fact our butchers will say with a grin… “This meat is NOT halal” and offer us the sub-standard haram meat (usually at a cheaper price). We are not told that this meat has been Rejected at the Post Slaughter inspection at a halal slaughterhouse! Obviously no one would buy it if they knew the truth! Some butchers will know it is not actually meat that has been killed in a conventional way, but many of our butchers have also been hoodwinked into buying this Haram Meat – often at cheaper prices – and some have no knowledge of where it is from.
Surely this practice is ILLEGAL too!
Muslims will say that some meat, after halal Ritual Slaughter, does not meet the grade & so it is not halal; this rejected ritually slaughtered meat is renamed ‘haram‘ and will then be discarded into the mainstream Food Chain… but for us (who are looking at this issue from a Non-muslim perspective) – this meat is still HALAL – it has been prepared in the same way that Muslim Meat should be prepared… prayers have been said to dedicated the livestock a foreign god and slaughtered unstunned or low amperage stunned – it is certainly not Traditional Meat that was properly stunned before slaughter! See what Waitrose say on their website about this so-called ‘Non-halal’ meat – they give 3 reasons for selling it to unsuspecting shoppers!

NOTE that this mis-selling of haram meat is not unusual - ALL supermarkets are selling this sub-standard Haram Meat  off cheap to shoppers who buy it unwittingly - and most Restaurant Chains are also serving up halal & haram meat to unsuspecting consumers.

NOTE that this mis-selling of haram meat is not unusual – ALL supermarkets are selling this sub-standard Haram Meat off cheap to unsuspecting shoppers – and most Restaurant Chains are also serving up halal & haram meat to unsuspecting consumers.

This Substandard Haram Meat is the rejected Halal Meat – it has been Ritually Slaughtered after being dedicated to Allah… BEFORE being rejected for reasons that we will never know, because records regarding why the Halal Inspector rejects the halal meat are not recorded – and certainly never published. So WHY should we accept meat that has been foisted off onto us as being conventional meat, when in reality it has been cast off from the halal market, rather than being thrown away or used in dog food, because it was deemed to be ‘Unfit For Muslim Consumption’?
Why are we tolerating this? Surely this Mis-selling to shoppers & consumers is ILLEGAL too!


Lastly there is so much evidence in every supermarket and many food outlets across Britain that we have checked that the Halal – & the Haram Meat – is being sold to us UNLABELLED as such.
We have had many Petitions & Letters to Governments over the years asking for more transparency in labelling, but the issue is either blamed on the EU, or ignored, or put off because it is uncertain what Halal Meat actually is… This uncertainty has arisen due to many arguments over the years, between different Islamic factions, who each have different Sharia standards, because the Truth of the matter is that there is NO AUTHENTIC HALAL STANDARD YET!
We should not have to rely on the Halal Industry for food information labels or halal signs. We do not require halal meat or halal certified products at all and we are not interested in the arguments regarding the depreciating authenticity of halal products down the supply chain – which is often the reason given for failing to clearly label all Ritually Slaughtered meat and products that have been involved in a Religious Standard, such as Halal Certification.
The fact that this meat has been involved in a religious ritual, dedicating it to a foreign god – Allah – is surely enough to warrant the labelling of this meat, as ‘Ritually Slaughtered’
We call on the Government for legislation to label all ‘RS’ Meat – regardless of whether it is halal or haram. .
‘RS’ also stands for ‘Religious Standard’ and can cover ALL halal certified products too – whether Food or Non-Food.
‘RS’ can be used as a sign on all halal certified services and businesses that have gone down the halal compliance route to fulfil a ‘Religious Standard’. So if a shop or logistics business is regularly paying halal certification fees – their website and premises should display the ‘RS’ sign at the entrance.
We should not be relying on less than 6% Muslim minority for mainstream Consumer Information – that is the job of our elected Government and it is also the job of the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels, who should be writing the necessary Policy to enforce proper labelling, so that we can make a reasoned choice about what we are buying.
We have been sharing this clear labelling idea – ‘RS’ – since 2011 and it will avoid ALL loopholes and overcome the problem of ambiguous authenticity standards… but we are still waiting for it to be considered and implemented by our representatives in power. We need Food Legislation for an ‘RS’ Label NOW!
See our simple design idea here…

Label ALL Halal Products & Services

We suggest a ‘RS’ Label is required for ALL Halal Certified products & services and All Ritually Slaughtered meat & poultry.
Here is why…… see this article next:

Unfair Trading – ‘RS’ Label Required
We need to know what we are buying and eating and we want to know if products & services are following a religious standard, or are traditional to our nation… LABEL HALAL!

PLEASE BOYCOTT HALAL MEAT & the Rejected HARAM meat from Halal Slaughterhouses.
We must stop buying it to reduce demand and curb the supply – and insist on conventional meat that has been properly stunned.
You are in for a treat – you will taste the difference!