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Halal Certificates are Bid‘ah, Zulm, and Shirk – worse than sins!

Halal certificates are Bid‘ah, Zulm, and Shirk
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيمييم

1. HALAL CERTIFICATES ARE BID’AH – a new & reproachable innovation – Worse than sins!
CONCLUSION – What should devout Muslims do?

1. HALAL CERTIFICATES ARE BID’AH – a new & reproachable innovation – Worse than sins!

(1) Halal certificate is nothing, but an imitation of Kosher certificate
(2) In Islam there is no priesthood or religious institution to “officially” authorise the doctrine
(3) There is no mandate in the Qur’an for issuing Halal certificates, for exports, or any other purpose and issuing Halal certificates was never included in the Ahkam Sultaniyyah.
(4) No Government is obliged to issue or condone the issue of Halal Certificates… and any Government that has legitimated Halal Certificates, has no Islamic political authority at all.


especially in case of being accompanied with demanding money for issuing it and preventing free trade between people by banning them from being able to declare their own things as Halal.
(1) Every Muslim can sell his own properties without need of getting permission from any person or organisation as far as it is lawful. So preventing such sales or imposing permission is a Zulm, injustice.
(2) As for the slaughtered meat, only its slaughterer is qualified to say whether it is properly slaughtered or not, none else, on the condition that he has the knowledge of Islamic rules of slaughter.
(3) Unless one is with the slaughterer, observing how to slaughter throughout the whole process in all the cases, his certificate can not accepted as the Islamic lawful testimony. As the late Shaikh Ibn Uthaimin said.
(4) It is impossible to certify that meat is Halal, because the conditions of the Halal of the meat are innumerable, not limited to the way of slaughter but how to get the animal, how to get the money by which he bought the animal, whether the slaughter is a true Muslim and so on. There are too many variables. The only thing we can do is to judge it as Haram in case of finding the violation of any of them. As the late Shaikh Ibn Uthaimin said.
(5) Fact: an owner of Muslim restaurant imported chicken marked Halal of Sadia & made Gyoza (Chinese dumplings) intending to sell them with her own made Halal mark; but she was stopped & told that she was not authorised to stamp a Halal mark on her own Gyoza. Instead she should buy a Halal certificate by the authorised institution. This case clearly shows how Halal certificates are a violation of Islamic freedom of trade, thus Zulm.


No one or no institution can authorise things as Halal officially to impose their judgement upon Muslims. These self-appointed ‘Halal Authorities’ are telling people what is halal and thereby violating the people’s right before Allah to decide for themselves – so these Halal Heads are usurping the prerogative of Allah, the Sole Legislator which is Shirk (polytheism)
Halal is what Allah makes it Halal in Qur`an, i.e., it is the prerogative of Allah to decide what is Halal.

Allah only names some general categories as Halal and trusts people to decide by themselves whether individual concrete things which they deal with are Halal or not. Thus declaring Halal on the individual things of the people, not general categories, is not only the violation on the right of the people but also the usurpation of the prerogative of Allah, the Sole Legislator, i.e., Shirk (polytheism).
(1) No one or no institution can authorise things as Halal officially to impose their judgement upon Muslims. Neither should any anti-Islamic organisation be trusted to issue Halal certificates.
(2) To entrust the state or its subdivision to decide Halal and Haram and impose its decision officially is nothing but idolatry. Only natural person can submit to Allah according to Shari‘ah and decide for themselves what is halal or haram.
(3) Shari‘ah prescribes the rules which is related only to the men of authority, Uliy Al-Amr, Ahkam Sultaniyyah, as collective responsibility, Fardh Kifayah, as it prescribes rules for ordinary men as individual responsibility, Fardh ‘Ain. We can entrust only Ahkam Sultaniyyah to the rulers to carry out them for us with supervising them in their exclusions, but the rest of the Shari‘ah is what we must undertake by ourselves.
(4) Issuing Halal certification is not under the category of Ahkam Sultaniyyah which is a job of the Uliy Al-Amr as the establishing Islamic Bank is not under the category of Ahkam Sultaniyyah which is a job of the Uliy Al-Amr. Concerning the slaughtered meet, the Prophetic Sunnah clarifies that we should not inspect how it was gained, so we had better to follow the Prophetic Sunnah. As the late Shaikh Uthaimin said.


CONCLUSION – What should devout Muslims do?

1. Muslims should struggle to prevent the Bid‘ah, Zulm and Shirk of Halal Certificate.
2. Mosques should provide the Muslims with the true knowledge of Halal and Haram of the food with difference of opinion of the reliable scholars, which includes rules concerning the food which was brought by unknown way.
3. All those who are provided with such knowledge are qualified to judge what they slaughter by themselves as properly slaughtered and allowed to eat for themselves and as well as for others and say that he slaughtered properly. But whether it is Halal or not can not be judged because other elements such as lawfulness of the gain of the animal and the money besides slaughter are also to be taken into consideration for Halal judgment.
4. As for the food, we had better not to inspect at all with trusting Muslim society by following the Prophetic Sunnah, in Islamic standpoint of view.
5. If the certificate is issued, it should show only the ingredients without using term Halal as any other certificates issued for commercial, sanitary and medical purpose.
6. If the certificate is to be issued in Islamic point of view, it should be a Haram certificate, on the condition that the criteria of Haram should be mentioned in detail enumerating all the opinions of Islamic law schools as well as it should be clearly mentioned that it is not official, not binding on any Muslim .



Article: Halal certificate as Bid‘ah, Zulm, and Shirk(ハラール証明はビドア[異端]、不正、多神崇拝である)
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيمييم 2009/10/13: Fukuoka, ALNOUR Islamic Culture
“ Halal certificate as Bid‘ah, Zulm, and Shirk ”
Hassan Ko Nakata
Halal certificate as Bid‘ah, Zulm, and Shirk(ハラール証明はビドア[異端]、不正、多神崇拝である)

Read QUR’AN 6:71

Say, “Shall we invoke instead of Allah that which neither benefits us nor harms us and be turned back on our heels after Allah has guided us? [We would then be] like one whom the devils enticed [to wander] upon the earth confused, [while] he has companions inviting him to guidance, [calling], ‘Come to us.’ ” Say, “Indeed, the guidance of Allah is the [only] guidance; and we have been commanded to submit to the Lord of the worlds.

Quran 6 verse 71

Read QUR’AN 6:119 – about Food
See this website where there are over 35 Generally Accepted Translations of the Meaning of Qur’an 6:119
QUR’AN 6:119 – about Food
For example: Quote…

And why should you not eat of that over which God’s name has been pronounced, seeing that He has so clearly spelled out to you what He has forbidden you [to eat] unless you are compelled [to do so]? But, behold, [it is precisely in such matters that] many people lead others astray by their own errant views, without [having any real] knowledge. Verily, thy Sustainer is fully aware of those who transgress the bounds of what is right.

HALAL CERTIFICATES ARE BID’AH – a new innovation – Worse than sins!
There is still no agreed ‘authentic’ halal standard globally – There are many Islamic sects and there is no agreement between them all about what the halal standard should be!
So it is not surprising that out of 57 OIC member countries, less than five have Halal Certification Authorities according to the IHI!

BOOK: ‘The Concept of Bid’ah in Islam: In the Light of the Qur’an & Sunna’
by Salman Quayyam, Ziaul Huq Qutubuddin & Muhammad Alamgir
ISBN: 9789830652870
… Quote:

The Concept of Bid’ah in Islam in the Light of the Qur’an and Sunnah

“Bid’ah” is Haram and considered as heresy, it is an innovation in Islam, it is the invention, creation or addition of any religious matter which was not (originally) found in Islam. Therefore, Islam warns against it and invalidates any religious deed which does not originate from the Quran and the Sunnah. Muhammad says in this respect:
“He who innovates something that is not in agreement with our matter (religion), will have it rejected.”


We are Boycotting anything halal certified.

IMPORTANT: Qur’an says Muslims are allowed to eat non-halal food!


IMPORTANT: If there is no halal available then a Muslim is allowed to eat non-halal food.

Islam has laws regarding which foods can and cannot be eaten and also on the proper method of slaughtering an animal for consumption, known as dhabihah.
However if there is no other food available then a Muslim is allowed to eat non-halal food.

Surah 2:173 states:
If one is forced because there is no other choice, neither craving nor transgressing, there is no sin on him.

Teach Yourself Islam by Ruqaiyyah Maqsood2

SOURCE: World faiths: Teach yourself Islam by Ruqaiyyah Maqsood.
ISBN 0-340-60901-X. Page 204
Surah 2:173 states:
If one is forced because there is no other choice, neither craving nor transgressing, there is no sin in him.
So it seems that when muslims are in non-Islamic countries it’s OK for them to eat non-halal food… the only requirement according to Sharia Law is to pray before when consuming non-halal foods. There is absolutely no need for halal meat in Non-Islamic countries like ours.


Surah 5:5 states:

“This day are things good and pure made lawful to you. The food of the People of the Book is lawful to you and yours is lawful to them.”

I wonder why Muslims are demanding halal meat slaughtered in the Muslim way.
We have been told by Halal Authorities that Ritual Slaughter is a requirement of their religion.
But it seems this is clearly taqiyya they have been lying to us (again) in order to promote Islam.



You can find this point made at pages 74-5 of:

Book: Modern Day Trojan Horse: Al-Hijra, The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration, Accepting Freedom or Imposing Sharia Law


The book is co-authored by Sam Solomon, a sharia jurist who left Islam.
It states:
“meat slaughtered by Jews and Christians is lawful for a Muslim”

The book makes use of the following translation (See First & Second & Third Comment)

Surah 5:5
“Made lawful to you this day are At Tayyibaat [all kinds of Halaal (lawful) foods, which Allaah has made lawful (meat of slaughtered eatable animals, milk products, fats, vegetables and fruits)]. The food (slaughtered cattle, eatable animals) of the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians) is lawful to you and yours is lawful to them. (Lawful to you in marriage) are chaste women from the believers and chaste women from those who were given the Scripture (Jews and Christians) before your time when you have given their due Mahr (bridal-money given by the husband to his wife at the time of marriage), desiring chastity (i.e. taking them in legal wedlock) not committing illegal sexual intercourse, nor taking them as girlfriends”. (See Second & Third Comment)

Here is another translation
[5.5] This day (all) the good things are allowed to you; and the food of those who have been given the Book is lawful for you and your food is lawful for them; and the chaste from among the believing women and the chaste from among those who have been given the Book before you (are lawful for you); when you have given them their dowries, taking (them) in marriage, not fornicating nor taking them for paramours in secret; and whoever denies faith, his work indeed is of no account, and in the hereafter he shall be one of the losers. (Also see First & Next Comment)
So why this insistence on slaughtering animals in the hellish Muslim way?

And why are western governments allowing this totally unnecessary cruel slaughter to continue?

Everyone Should Watch This Video!

There are no images of Halal Slaughter the HORROR is the covert way that Halal is taking over our Food Chain in our country.


Halal meat is becoming an intrinsic part of your national diet whether you know it or not, whether you like it or not.

Islam WILL be controlling our Western political and social systems if we allow halal meat to continue.

We Must Protest!

It is completely unacceptable to use outdated 7th Century halal Ritual Slaughter methods in the 21st Century.

Let us write to those in power in Non-Islamic Countries and insist that we uphold our own traditions, norms and values.

Do it now!

Point out that this halal demand is a recent event.

The halal industry appears to have put all the emphasis on the idea that ‘halal’ is the issue, when the issue is actually whatever is haram should be rejected.

There is no mandate in the Qur’an to issue certificates as proof that something is halal.

Halal Certificates are a new invention – they are Bidd’ah – worse than sins!

The Qur’an clearly says that certain foods, such as pork and alcohol, are haram and must be avoided.

Anything that a Muslim considers is uncertain – mushboo – should be rejected too.

The halal industry are now involved in a HUGE Money Making Racket, as these self-appointed halal authorities endorse products and services as being halal.

Different Islamic factions have differing ideas about what is halal.

These Halal Authorities are charging huge amounts of money to companies for their Halal Certificates – this is extortion – and completely unnecessary.

There is no agreed Global Halal Standard – there is no agreed ‘authentic’ halal.

In conclusion, the demand for ‘halal’ in Non-islamic countries is a recent phenomena.

Muslims were never asked to appoint Halal Authorities to tell them what ‘halal’ is

Individuals are just required to reject what they think is ‘haram’ – and then pray over what they eat.

The Qur’an says this is a matter of personal judgement and each person should decide for themselves to reject the ‘haram’.

Muslims are actually required to know what is ‘haram’, not halal.

Unfair Trading – ‘RS’ Label Required

We suggest a ‘RS’ Label is required for ALL Halal Certified products & services

Here is why…….

Over the past 10 years or more, Shoppers &  Consumers have been unwittingly buying unlabelled halal products & services through Unfair Trading in our supermarkets, shops and food outlets. We now have found that halal suppliers have been granted Government Contracts and we are also being fed halal through our Institutions… Schools, Hospitals, Prisons, Care Homes, Sporting Venues etc.

Many Non-Muslims, such as our thousands of Members of BOYCOTT HALAL, do not want to buy halal products & services at all – and it is outrageous when we realise, by doing some research, that our well known branded products have in fact become halal certified… yet this has not been displayed on the packaging.

It is particularly sickening when that Unlabelled halal certified product is FOOD – often a well-known branded product, that we have unwittingly bought, that has been tampered with through Islamic Halal Compliance – and we have bought it and eaten it, because it was not clearly labelled.

Re: Labelling – Legally we should surely be protected by…

‘The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008′ under Part 2, Section 6 ‘Misleading omissions’.

WHY are we allowing  outdated 7th Century Ritual Slaughter in 21st Century Britain?

The UK is NOT an Islamic nation – Britain is in fact founded on Judeo-Christian values – so WHY is there such a vast over-production of Halal Meat when less than 5% of the population are Muslims? …and when their Qu’ran clearly tells them that they can simply pray over food to make it acceptable?

Consumers need to be able to identify whether they are buying or eating Traditional British meat or ‘RS’ meat (Halal ‘Ritually Slaughtered’ Meat) and the 95% of the British population that are Non-muslims just need clear labelling in plain English.

Yet for several years we have been asking our Government, DEFRA and the EU for more transparency in labelling, but the issue has not been addressed through ‘sensitive’ arguments over stunning.

We say Label ALL Ritually Slaughtered meat whether it was stunned, Reversibly Stunned, ultra-low amperage stunned, post-stunned or not stunned at all…


MOO - We Like our Non-Halal Halal World

MOO – We Like our Non-Halal Halal World

The fact that this meat has been involved in a ritual, dedicating it to a foreign god – Allah, is enough to warrant the labelling of this meat, as ‘Ritually Slaughtered’ – let’s call it ‘RS’ Meat.

RS’  also stands for ‘Religious Standard’ and can cover ALL halal certified products too – whether Food or Non-Food.

RS can also be used as a sign on all halal certified services and businesses that have gone down the halal compliance route to fulfil a ‘Religious Standard’.

We should not be relying on the, less than 5%,  Muslim minority for mainstream Consumer Information – that is the job of our elected Government and it is also the job of the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels, who should be writing the necessary Policy enforce proper labelling, so that we can make a reasoned choice about what we are buying.

More transparency in labelling is needed so that shoppers can make a reasoned choice.

More transparency in labelling is needed so that shoppers can make a reasoned choice.

There is also the issue over ‘What Is Halal’ that confuses retailers… so rather than get it wrong, and possibly be sued, halal products are not being labelled… and us shoppers are being hoodwinked into buying them.  There is no way that we Boycott Halal Members would ever buy meat that we knew had been Ritually Slaughtered, but since checking out the EU Meat Codes on packaged meat, we have discovered that we have unwittingly been buying this meat that has clearly come from Licensed Halal Certified Slaughterhouses.

Then we find a great confusion over what is halal and what is not…

Some meat, after the halal Ritual Slaughter, does not meet the grade at the Post-Slaughter Meat Inspection and is judged to Not be halal by the Muslim Inspector. It is the ‘Rejected Substandard’ meat that is pronounced as being haram… “Unfit For Muslim Consumption”

!  Ah - It's HARAM

So Why does a Meat Carcass become HARAM?
One reason that a Ritually Slaughtered carcass can get judged to be Haram by the Inspector is that something went wrong at the actual slaughter.
Other reasons happen at the Post Slaughter Meat Inspection… maybe the animal is found to have blemish; or maybe there was a spillage of stomach contents over part of the carcass as it was cut, or maybe when cutting open the carcass, a suspicion arises that it may have some sort of infection or a possible disease…


As far as we can gather, no note is made & kept with each carcass regarding the reason for rejection as substandard; this meat is separated from the halal and put in the ‘Haram Warehouse’ where it is sold off cheap to Big Buyers, from Supermarkets or Restaurant Chains…. to save waste and to provide meat at the cheapest prices.
This meat cannot then be labelled halal – even though it has had a prayer said over it to allah and it has been Ritually Slaughtered facing Mecca –
AND obviously no one would want to buy the ‘Rejected Sub-standard’ meat, if it was labelled ‘Haram’
It MUST be labelled and the ‘RS’ label would signify that it is the ‘Rejected Substandard’.

At the Post Slaughter Meat Inspection the carcass may be judged to be haram - so this meat is discarded and sold off to Non-Muslims.

At the Post Slaughter Meat Inspection the carcass may be judged to be haram – so this meat is discarded and sold off to Non-Muslims.

At the moment this haram Ritually Slaughtered meat is discarded into the mainstream Food Chain Unlabelled as such, and sold as conventional meat!
What an Outrage eh!
You may go to your butcher and say, “Is that meat halal?”
And your butcher can truthfully say… “No, this is definitely NOT halal meat.”
I had one butcher rub a piece of meat with Lard and say, ” There… now that meat is certainly Not Halal is it!”
And he seemed quite surprised when I said…
“That pig fat has not changed the way the poor animal was slaughtered without proper stunning!”
He then had the audacity to suggest, with a smile, that I could pray over it!
Clearly if Meat or Poultry has been dedicated to a foreign god and slaughtered unstunned or with a Reversible Stun, it is therefore not Traditional Meat – and it should be Labelled in some way as such. We suggest ‘RS’

Clearly if we are not able to make a reasoned choice as we buy products, because they are not clearly labelled, we are being treated unfairly – this lack of transparency in labelling is Unfair Trading.

Some confectionery, e.g. chocolate, includes halal by-products eg. halal rennet from ritually slaughtered calves; other brands do not, but may still be halal certified with halal additives. Many Dairy Products are now halal certified, like this yoghurt – but it does not tell you that on the label… it is only when checking the small print that it is found to have ‘halal gelatine’ amongst the ingredients. Our Boycott Halal Members would Not want to buy a product that contains halal gelatine, because it could be made from the bones of ritually slaughtered livestock – but we have been hoodwinked into buying it, because it is Unlabelled Halal Yoghurt!

This Yoghurt was found to have halal gelatine amongst the ingredients in the small print.

This Yoghurt was found to have halal gelatine amongst the ingredients in the small print. Yes, yoghurt with gelatine which could have been made from the bones of ritually slaughtered animals!


No Boycott Halal Member would choose to buy this, because they would never want to buy a halal certified product.
However this Yoghurt is Not Labelled as halal anywhere on the packaging… unless you take time to read the small-print.
This is how consumers are tricked into thinking that a product, with a well known Brand name, is OK… when in fact they have unwittingly bought and been eating yoghurt that contains Ritually Slaughtered Animal by-products!

This is the time-consuming process that we have to follow in order to to avoid buying halal products… 

This is the lengthly Process we have to go through now in order to Avoid Halal Food Selection

This is the lengthy Process we have to go through now in order to Avoid Halal Food Selection

We want to boycott all halal products & services, because we do not want to encourage the production of more… by not buying halal, our action will logically reduce demand and hopefully production as companies see their profits fall.


ALL RS food & even non-food products using halal by-products are following the halal Religious Standard and should be labelled as such, to inform shoppers.
All manufacturers & retailers eg. Restaurants  should also have the ‘RS’ symbol if they are Halal Certified and thereby producing products according to a Religious Standard OR operating a service eg. Meat Cutting Plant, according to a Religious Standard.

RS Label

RS Label

Article 9 Human Rights Act. regarding Freedom of Conscience – should give us the right to religious and secular freedom, ie to not be forced to participate in religious rites.
Dedicating this meat to a god violates this right: hence there is forced participation in another’s religion without consent.
Also Jews, Sikhs & Christians are specifically instructed not to eat this meat, so where is their religious freedom?
UK Human Rights Blog

We need to know what we are buying and eating and we want to know if products & services are following a religious standard, or are traditional to our nation.
I introduce to you the RS Label which could bring real transparency in labelling…

The ‘RS’ Label could also be in Black & White to reduce costs.

The 'RS' label is for ALL products that contain Ritually Slaughtered meat or its by-products; or additives included, because they conform to a Religious Standard

The ‘RS’ label is for ALL products that contain Ritually Slaughtered meat or its by-products; or additives included, because they conform to a Religious Standard.
The ‘RS’ mark is also for ALL products or services that follow a Religious Standard.

The ‘RS’ Label should be applied to…
Label ALL Ritually Slaughtered Meat whether it ends up classified as halal or haram or ends up being used as a by-product eg.Rennet, Leather
Label ALL food products with ingredients that include halal by-products OR that conformed to a Religious Standard in production
Label ALL Halal Certified products – whether food or non-food, because they adhere to a Relgious Standard
Label ALL Halal Certified services eg. Food Services, Cutting Plants, Food Processing Plants, Packaging, Transport, Financial, Housing, Tourism etc.
Label ALL Halal Certified products with ingredients emanating from Microbiological Pharmaceutical Quality Control Labs & Microbial Enzymes
Label ALL Non-food  products that include halal Religious Standard by-products or that conformed to a Religious Standard in production
Label ALL Halal Certified Chains clearly at every entrance and point of sale eg. shops, supermarkets, fast food eateries, take-aways, restaurants etc.
Label ALL ‘RS’ foods that are served to consumers in Institutions eg. Schools, Colleges, Care Homes, Hospitals, Prisons, Sports Venues etc.

CURB THE HALAL INDUSTRY - Label ALL Halal Products & Services 'RS' - including that Haram Meat, from livestock that was Dedicated to Allah, then Rejected as Substandard meat.

CURB THE HALAL INDUSTRY – Label ALL Halal Products & Services ‘RS’ – including that Haram Meat, from livestock that was Dedicated to Allah, then Rejected as Substandard meat.

Halal is not only a trademark, an approval… it is an integral part of Sharia, Quranic Law Regime called Islam!
If we accept Halal in our society… then we must also accept the existence of its opposite, the haram.
The muslims halal lifestyle involves every aspect of life… and all that is not halal is judged to be haram.
Soon WE Non-Muslims will be branded as HARAM or worse Kafir! (infidels).
Islamic culture, unlike other ethnic minorities in the West, tends to subdue and subjugate whatever is different from it.
We cannot give one inch to this totalitarian cult-regime that oppresses and wounds men, women and animals.