TATE & LYLE are Halal Certified

TATE & LYLE = Halal Certified by EHDA
PLEASE BOYCOTT AND COMPLAIN : tateandlylesugars@prolog.co.uk
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Tate and Lyle are proud of the reputation that we have built and have implemented many quality systems to ensure that our products reach you in the best possible condition.
I am happy to confirm that we are Halal Certified.
We greatly appreciate our customer’s feedback as this allows us to continue to improve and grow.
May I again thank you for taking the time to write to us, if there is anything further that I can help you with please do not hesitate in contacting me

TATE & LYLE Sugars = Halal Certified by EHDA

TATE & LYLE Sugars = Halal Certified by EHDA

83 Responses to TATE & LYLE are Halal Certified

  1. Paul Davies says:

    Well, I for one won’t be buying your products any more. I’m not a Muslim and I don’t want their products thank you very much.

    In fact this halal business is going beyond a joke, Great Britain is not a Muslim country, why pander to a minority when the majority of your consumers in Britain aren’t Muslim?

    • Joe Quirk says:

      David Cameron condones the Islamification of GB and now we have the big companies we have known and trusted for years proudly declaring they are halal certified. This is a CHRISTIAN country and I for one am disgusted at the way they just carry on blindly with no regard for non Muslims.
      If they think they’re being clever pandering to the likes of Islam then I can assure them they are wrong, very wrong. We must BOYCOTT them all and hit them in the only place they will take notice, THE POCKET.
      The ‘religion of peace’ and it’s whims have NO place in a Christian society.

      • Virginia says:

        I am disgusted that Tate Lyle are so proud to be halah certified
        I will not be supporting this brand in the future
        I purposely looked for Tate and LYLE demerara sugar when shopping

    • anne godwin says:

      I agree with everything your saying Paul, Im ashamed to call myself British, my father fought for this country in WW2as an RAF pilot, Im not going to let him down with everything Im reading and seeing, absolutely horrendous.

    • Rajah Brooke says:

      What a load of rubbish. I live in the Far East where maple syrup from Canada and honey from Australia have the halal emblem but Tate & Lyle Golden Syrup does not. How the hell can it not be halal if you check the purity of the ingredients it is made from? Made in Great Britain is the only one that tastes original whereby made i Australia is darker in colour and horrible. How can you have anything else on eggy bread, pancakes or banana fritters? Your cutting your nose off to spite your face I’m afraid.

      • BoycottHalal says:

        The point is Rajah – You are right -it is already halal for you! It does not need to be halal certified!
        All you need to to is pray before you eat food – that is what the Qur’an says.
        Halal Certification is a new innovation – it has only been around for about 30 years! It is Bid’ah.
        Did your Grandparents insist on halal certificates? Ask them. They will tell you they just prayed over their food and ate it!

    • Lynne Doyle says:

      Now I know this I will not be buying any more Tate & Lyle products, disgusting.

  2. fran says:

    I am disgusted with all certification of “Halal” products and will be boycotting all HALAL products and posting of facebook to all my friends as well!

  3. I am perplexed to find HALAL CERTIFIED
    why??? YOU pay for the honour. also All cleaning products used in the plant must be halal too and not contain alcohol the requirements for halal compliance go on & on… and can include muslim workers only in certain roles… which marginalises Non-Muslim British workers.
    Many of these halal organisations are Registered Religious Charities and somehow have managed to claim that they are Non-Profit making, so get various Tax & VAT exemptions. They in turn pay terrorist organisations!
    Halal food should be in Halal/Muslim shops only. Not in my local UK supermarket.

    • Jacko says:

      Because the money paid for certification, goes towards the fund which pays for the Muslim effort to spread the word of ‘Allah’, turning Europe into a Muslim state. I don’t see the Animal Rights brigade much in evidence though. I would have thought with their prickly temperaments, they would have been doing something to make our politicians see sense. Or do they realise that the ‘Law’ would come down on them much more heavily in this instance, than it does when they are wrecking a farmer’s livelihood; because they happen to believe that eating meat is evil?

  4. Laurence Villard says:

    I am appalled that you should be proud to roll back hard earned years of evolution towards better animal welfare. It is simply scandalous. Do you have any idea of the extra suffering involved in this process? Why are you pandering unthinkingly to this sort of thing. I will not only boycott your products until you change your policy, but will circulate this far and wide through all the social media. If you have any conscience at all, you will reverse this policy immediately.

  5. Laurence Villard says:

    I am appalled that you should be proud to be halal certified. . It is simply scandalous. Why are you pandering unthinkingly to this sort of thing. We have our culture and we should be proud of it. We should be welcoming but this is going too far. If I am invited to your house I don’t start by rearranging the furniture because I don’t like it. Don’t be ridiculous. I will not be supporting your products until you change your policy.

  6. Suzanne Bond says:

    I for one will not be buying your product any more either. Your halal certificate has tainted it for me now. Why are you pandering to the ‘minority’? Disgusted!

  7. Michele says:

    I will be boycotting all Tate and Lyle products from now on!

  8. steve says:

    im disgusted that tate and lyle are proud to be halal certified and will be boycotting all your products from now on im not muslim and don’t want halal produce in my cuboards /my advice shove it where the sun don’t shine

  9. Paul Mascrier says:

    There is no need whatsoever to certify your products in accordance with shariah law. We are not (yet) a islamic theocracy, over 95% of the British public are not muslim and as such do not want their foodstuffs displaying shariah certification. You are not simply labeling to say this product is suitable for those who follow a minority religion, you are actively promoting the islamisation of Europe by paying a substantial fee to islamic bodies for the certification. Do your research, it has been proven without any doubt that monies paid for shariah (halal) certification have ended up funding terrorism.
    Myself and my family will boycott your company.

  10. Dawn Pearce says:

    Tate & Lyle products have been a part of my life as far back as I can remember. My mother always had your product’s as I do today. Well I can honestly say “your products will NOT be bought by me anymore” I am disgusted that you have even considered doing this, and I am appalled that you believe it to be a good thing! I will be sharing this information with friends and family.

  11. graham says:

    Your supposed t be an English institution. Your counrtymen died so you can have freedom and yo have thrown it back in their faces. I for one will never buy your products again

  12. Diana Watkins says:

    I’m disgusted that Tate & Lyle are proud to promote halal products.
    The cruelty involved in this kind of slaughtering is inhumane, and I never thought id see the day it would happen in my country. we slaughter humanely, ah yes but you are part and parcel of the inhumane society burgeoning here. Neither I nor any of my family will ever purchase your products ever again, and I will share this with the true British people and see what they think. DISGRACEFUL

  13. Diana Watkins says:

    just posted this on face book twitter and a few others, lets see what they think of this shameful act

  14. Coral green says:

    Tate n Lyle


    I will never buy another product of yours again.
    And will be passing this around to everyone I speak to.

  15. Camilla PB says:

    Lee Rigby died for nought.

  16. […] Tate & Lyle « happy to be halal-certified » […]

  17. Rose Barnfield says:

    Halal butchery is disgusting and cruel. It has no place in British society. I am shocked and saddened to see you condone this and will not be buying Tate and Lyle products anymore.

  18. Craig Lawton says:

    Disgusting….I will not buy you goods again and will urge my family and friends tto also boycott your produce until you abandon your link to this cruel practise

  19. I am really really disgusted that you are halal certified.. This is england and there is no need for it to be so….It is cruel and a babaric act and i and my family will never purchase your goods again…Shame on you for this ….Please people spread the word about this disgusting company and do not buy there products…

  20. Tracey Oxton says:

    I am absolutely mortified and disgusted that you support and are certificated in making and selling halal products. Every part of halal offends me. I will never again purchase any of your products and will encourage all of my family and friends to do the same.
    I will share this information to as many people as I possibly can, this is England, we do not want halal forced on us.

  21. Tony fry says:

    I am disgusted with you Tate and Kyle.i have been buying your products all my life.nit any more.shame on you

  22. Omer Guran says:



  23. John Breidenbach says:

    Profit is King ….well I will ensure that none of my family will buy any of your products as you condone this cruel practice to accommodate the potential market of this degenerate religion.

  24. Jim Walsh says:

    Everything about halal is offensive. I will not buy products from any company that is in any way involved with this barbaric practice

  25. Wilma Inches says:

    I am totally disgusted that you have been taken in by this money making scam tht helps fund terrorists. Read their own website they fund the Muslim Brotherhood.
    Guess I’ll have to find another source of Sugar/syrup

  26. John O'Dwyer says:

    Ah now that’s a real shane. My wife would only buy Tate & Lyle Golden Syrup in preference to store brands because she preferred the quality. From now on it will be store brands only. What a huge insult to the people of Bratain to put “Proudly British” on a tin of halal registered syrup!

  27. Danielle says:

    This is getting beyond a joke I’m British I do not wish or want to buy all this halal rubbish I refuse to fund there barbaric ways, what the hell is going on in this country / world why on earth are people company’s support this ??? For god sake wake up people do u really want to be run by these things cus they are far from human !!!!!

  28. sylvia armer says:

    I have just cleared out my cupboards of your products because I am disgusted that you are in support of halal….Why have you done this when we are not muslims and are having to fight to keep our country free
    or are you muslim ? I will not be buying anymore products of yours..my Christmas cake will be halal free this Christmas.

  29. mark says:

    i will certainly not be buying any of your products in the future.i do not support any organizations that pay towards acts of terrorism obviously you do

  30. Ben says:

    None of my family or friends will be buying your blood stained products.

  31. Neil says:

    Ahh what a shame no more Tate & Lyle for my household why do all these companies feel they have to jump on the Halal bandwagon just for the sake of a minority religion.

  32. how can your advertisement say proud to be british when you say your Halal Certified. well i wont be buying your products again as you cant be british you must be muslim

  33. dale henderson says:

    im disgusted your happy to be halal certified,halal certification funds terrorists FACT,appart from being cruel and anti british ,my family and i wont be buying your goods anymore

  34. Vincent Sullivan says:

    Halal products are an insult,and a massive breach of MY religiois freedom.It is disgusting how big Companies are forcing Islamic doctrine upon the majority non Muslim population with callous DISREGARD for their civil liberties.I will not support your endeavour to Islamify the UK so no more Tate & Lyle products in my shopping trolley.I hope you can make a profit off the minority 5 percent of the population that you are selling out your loyal British customers for

  35. Chris Eggington says:

    Tate and Lyle, you are a disgrace….. I will certainly not be buying your products anymore….. Hopefully, eventually the only people buying your disgusting products will be your muslim friends…… I will be spreading the word to everyone I know and I hope they do the same and your inane decision to fund terrorist activities will be your downfall…….

  36. j simpson says:

    we will buy no more of your products you are endorsing animal cruelty you should be totally ashamed of yourselves I will encourage all friends and family to boycott your products j simpson

  37. Delia Dawkins says:

    I am disgusted to read of this Halal certification and will never buy another product associated with your company. This is anti-British.

  38. Paul says:

    It is cruel and a barbaric act
    I for one won’t be buying your products any more. I’m not a Muslim and I don’t want their products thank you very much.
    Great Britain is not a Muslim country, why pander to a minority when the majority of your consumers in Britain aren’t Muslim?
    Halal certification funds terrorists FACT

    • Anonymous says:

      Again,we are not terrorists.We do not fund terrorists.I mean,who would right?
      In fact,all of the things about Halal certified funds terrorists is just all those anti-islam say to not encourage people to buy halal food.
      If you are curious to know,we fund:
      For an example,
      -The poor people
      -Islamic school(Madrasah)
      -People with financial problem that live in the country
      So those are some if the examples.Honestly,I don’t get why you need to boycott halal when halal food is better for your health.
      Alcohol is haram because Allah says so and it also makes you drunk and you want to know why pig is haam too?Because it is unclean;pigs eat EVERYTHING including their own waste.
      ” Forbidden to you for (food) are: dead meat, blood and the flesh of the swine and that which hath been invoked the name other than Allah. ” Holy Qur’an 5:4
      Such prohibition is also found in the Bible: ” The pig also because it is a splitter of the hoof but there is no cud. It is unclean for you. None of their flesh must you eat and carcass you must not touch. ” Deuteronomy 14:8 ( Bible)
      The main purpose of a True Religion must be to build an ideal community in this world; a religion that promotes moral, political and economic well;social harmony and peace, as well as good health of its believers or followers. Health means the physical and mental well-being and freedom from diseases and pain.
      There are several passages in the Bible, articulating that because of sin ( a transgression of the law of God) God afflicted human beings with maladies (Ps.103:3;Exodus15:26 and Psalms 107:16-20). Islamic instructions and teachings espousing health consciousness have scriptural and scientific support
      MEDICAL ASPECT OF THE PROHIBITION Abstention from eating pork is a measure to safeguard health. Of all the domestic animals, pig is the most avaricious, eating anything including human excreta. It is the cradle of harmful germs and parasites. Its meat is carrier of diseases to man, thus making it unfit for human consumption. CHARACTER OF PIG All types of animals are lawful to be eaten whether those living on land or in the water except those animals specifically forbidden in the Holy Writings revealed by the Almighty Creator and the sayings of the Prophet with clear and well defined injunctions. Pig belong to the forbidden animals, and not allowed to be eaten by the believers. Pig eats almost anything dirty and they are very lazy animals. It is the most avaricious of all domestic animals. Amongst all animals, pig is the cradle of harmful germs. It’s meat serves as carrier of diseases to mankind. It is this very reason that made it unfit for human consumption consumption.
      DISEASES CAUSED BY PORK The following lists show germs or parasites that are found in pork and some diseases caused by them. Many of these diseases are contagious while some are proven fatal.This proves that the more science advances the more Islam is shown correct as a religion of God.
      a) TRICHINELLA SPIRATIS ( Trichina worms ) It is the most dangerous parasite to man ( Rheumatism and muscular pain). The infected persons shown no symptoms, recover very slowly some die, some reduced to permanent invalids. No one is immune from this disease and there is no cure.
      b) TAENIA SOLIUM ( Pork tape worm ) The worm causes malnourishment of the person leading to anemia, diarrhea, extreme depression melancholia and digestive disturbances. Cysticercosis means that larva enter the blood stream then settle down in one or more of the vital organs of the body, for example: brain, liver, lungs or spinal cord. They grow and encapsulate, inducing pressure to the system around, resulting in dangerous diseases (diarrhea, digestive disorder, anemia, chronic invalidation).
      c) ROUND WORMS Examples: Ascaris, which may lead to digestive disturbances, appendicitis, obstructive jaundice.
      d) HOOK WORMS Examples:Ancylostomiasis, which may lead to anemia, oedema, heart failure or retarded growth ( mental and physical), tuberculosis, diarrhea and typhoid.
      e) SCHITOSOMA JAPONICUM Bleeding, anemia and other syndromes. If ova are settled in the brain or spinal cord, paralysis and death may occur.
      f) PARAGOMINES WESTERMAINI Infestation leading to bleeding of the lungs ( endenve haemoptysis)
      g) PACIOLEPSIS BUSKI Digestive disturbances leading to persistent diarrhea; generalized oedema.
      h) CLONORCHIS SINENSIS chlonorchiasis-obstructive jaundice, liver enlargement.
      i) METASTRONGYLUS APRI Causes bronchitis, abscess of the lungs.
      j) GIGANTHORINCHUS GIGAS Cause anemia and digestive disorders.
      k) BALATITIDIUM COLI Causes acute dysentery and general weakness.
      1. Tuberculosis
      2. Fusiformis necrofurus: causing foot-rot which is very difficult to heal.
      3. Salmonella Cholera suis: causing cholera
      4. Paratyphoid
      5. Bruceellosis: Acute, sub acute and chronic. It may lead to permanent disabilities.
      6. Swine Erysipelas: causing Erypelas in man.
      Viral Diseases
      1. Small pox: is was a source of infection to man.
      2. Japanese B-encepphalitis: It is the source of infection
      3. Influenza, foot mouth disease, gas tro-enteritis of the new born babies. Protozoal Diseases : Toxo plasma goundii- It is a very dangerous diseases. A new born baby of an infected woman may die within few days or weeks after delivery. But if he survives he may develop blindness or deafness.In adult chronic exhaustive fever with enlarged liver and spleen may occur. Pneumonia, or celebro- spinal meningitis which may lead to death or madness. The patient may become blind and deaf too.
      Fats In Pigs:
      Pork contains more fats than other meats. Therefore, people who are fond of pork are more obese than others. Cholesterol is higher in their blood thus making them more prone to atherosclerosis cardiovascular accidents and sudden death.
      Other Diseases :
      Flesh of the pork is hard to digest and may lead to chronic digestive disturbances.
      Pimples, boils, cysts are common in pork eaters. These are some of the parasites and diseases found in pork and/ or the skin of pigs and certainly there are many more.
      There is still no means of killing these parasites, in the tissues, neither has anyone found a method of expelling them, even produced any specific treatment for the diseases.
      Old Testament The Jews and the different Christian sects and denominations believe in the Old Testament.
      Adherents of other religions alleged that the prohibition was already superseded by the New Testament. This cogent argumentation is inconclusive. No one can specifically point out that Jesus Christ (PBUH) lifted the prohibition. On the contrary, he upheld it he declared:
      “Think not that I have come to abolish the law and the prophets: I have come not to abolish them but to fulfill them.” (Matthew 5:17 RSV)
      Jesus Christ (PBUH) was obviously referring to the existing Law of his time, the Mosaic Law !- in which the Law prohibiting pig as article of food is mentioned. ( Leviticus 11:7-11)
      ” As for any beast that is a splitter of the hoof but is not a former of the cleft and not a chewer of the cud, they are unclean for you. Everyone touching them will be unclean. ”
      Leviticus 11:26
      In addition, the book of Prophet Isaiah said:
      ” Who sit in tombs, and spend the night in secret places who eats swine’s flesh and broth of abominable things is in their vessels;… These are a smoke in my nostrils,a fire that burns all the day. ” ( Isaiah 65:4,5b RSV)
      The New Testament
      Despite the Biblical injunction prohibiting pork as food, still people of other religious persuasions insist on finding ways and reasons to justify their consumption of prohibited animals arguing that said Biblical prohibition was already superseded in the New Testament when in certainly, no one can specifically point out that Jesus Christ (PBUH) indeed lifted the prohibition. On the contrary, Jesus (PBUH) declared:
      “Think not that I have come to abolish the law and the prophets: I have come not to abolish them but to fulfill them.” (Matthew 5:17 RSV).

      • BoycottHalal says:

        Thank You for commenting and giving the Muslim perspective – although you do not explain why Tate & Lyle sugar needs to be halal certified or why halal certification is being rolled out mainstream in Non-islamic countries – where the vast majority of Shoppers & Consumers are Not Followers of Islam and do Not require halal products & services at all… and many certainly do not want to pay for halal certificates on mainstream foods or services.
        It is absolutely outrageous and extremely disrespectful of the halal industry to make decisions that aim at making everything halal for everyone – without the permission or knowledge of shoppers & consumers… but this was the decision made by the World Halal Forum at a gathering in Earls Court, London in 2011 when their conference theme was ‘TAKING HALAL MAINSTREAM’.
        The conclusion at that conference was that they would take halal mainstream in UK, then Europe, then the World. HOW DARE THEY!
        Muslims have moved to democratic countries, but not adapted to the ways of those countries or integrated and accepted the norms enjoyed by the majority – who are Not muslims.
        Jews do not eat pork… but they don’t try to enforce their dietary laws on everyone.
        We have read your comment – and laid it out in easier to read paragraphs, but not changed the content in any way.
        I had a tasty Pork Chop last night and enjoyed it a lot. I have never experienced any of the long list of health issues you say will be the consequences of eating pork – and neither has anyone I know who are Pork eaters. These Biblical restrictions were given in times when there was no refrigeration – that is not the case now.
        I think you would be quite surprised to hear how much Pig Parts are used in beneficial ways on our world – Pigs are even Life-Savers – so many heart valves transplants have saved lives.
        Have a LISTEN to this Video – TED TALKS – Christien Meindertsma, author of “Pig 05049” looks at the astonishing afterlife of the ordinary pig, parts of which make their way into at least 185 non-pork products, from bullets to artificial hearts. Here is her talk – the result of 3 years of study.
        How pig parts make the world turn
        How pig parts make the world turn

        However I have, along with thousands of other British people, experienced food poisoning from unwittingly eating Halal Chicken.
        When we trace back the Chicken being sold in our supermarkets to source – we find that most of it comes from halal slaughterhouses.
        Chicken Campylobacter: More Supermarkets In UK Found To Be Contaminated With Toxic Chicken Campylobacter
        STILL RISING – March 2015
        According to Food Standards Agency, a quarter million people are threatened to be affected with Chicken Campylobacter this 2015.
        An investigation rolled out by FSA has found that three quarters or 75 percent of supermarket chickens are infested with the toxic bacteria. In the research, they found that one in every five chicken is infected with campylobacter.
        FSA has reported chicken campylobacter to the following supermarkets as follows: Asda, 78.9 percent, Morrisons, 76.2 percent, The Co-operative, 75.6 percent, Marks & Spencer, 72.2 percent, Waitrose, 71.7 percent, Sainsbury’s, 69.6 percent, and Tesco, 68. 2 percent, Food Safety News revealed.
        As reported by Daily Mail, chicken campylobacter has affected 280,000 people in UK. It also has killed 100 people yearly making it Britain’s top cause of food poisoning.
        As the chicken campylobacter scandal has brought massive alarm in UK, the FSA reviewed possible interventions such as chemical washes in order to arrest the threat in the food industry.
        Please keep halal meat and halal certified products & services within your own community and at amounts that will serve only your community – not everyone.

        Now in answer to the BIBLICAL perspective of your comment – I answer as a Christian…
        Jews are living under the Old Covenant made between G_d (YAHWEH) and Abraham Isaac & Jacob which involves dietary laws that exclude several foods including Pork & Shellfish & the mixing of Meat & Dairy.
        Christians however, live under the New Covenant of Freedom from the Law, because they are saved, not by what they do, but rather by their Faith and by the Grace of God through Jesus Christ, their Risen Saviour – who died on the Cross and was risen on the third day – then ascended to be with the Father – and He did not leave us alone – He sends His Holy Spirit to all that believe in Him. Regarding what Christians should eat… there is No Christian Dietary Law at all…
        In the Old Testament certain meats were unclean (eg.pork); however, Christans were given the New Testament to follow, where it says in Matthew 15:11
        “What goes into someone’s mouth does not defile them, but what comes out of their mouth, that is what defiles them.”
        BIBLE Matthew 15:11 It’s not what goes into your mouth that defiles you
        Also see Romans 14[2] says of Christians… faith allows them to eat anything
        One person’s faith allows them to eat anything, but another, whose faith is weak, eats only vegetables.
        BIBLE Romans 14[2] says of Christians… faith allows them to eat anything
        Also see Romans 14[14] Nothing is unclean in itself…
        I am convinced, being fully persuaded in the Lord Jesus, that nothing is unclean in itself. But if anyone regards something as unclean, then for that person it is unclean.
        BIBLE Romans 14-14 Nothing is unclean in itself
        and clearly concerning meat it says regarding the Christian Believer’s Freedom in Christ Jesus…
        1 Corinthians 10:23-33 – Everything is permissible
        then – and this is why we Christians REJECT halal meat… in verses 28 & 29 the Bible says…
        But if anyone says to you, “This has been offered in sacrifice,” then do not eat it, both for the sake of the man who told you and for conscience’ sake – the other man’s conscience, I mean, not yours. For why should my freedom be judged by another’s conscience?
        BIBLE 1 Corinthians 10:23-33 – Everything is permissible, but not that offered in sacrifice.
        See also 1 Corinthians 6:12 – I am free to do all things, but will not come under the power of any.
        12 I am free to do all things; but not all things are wise. I am free to do all things; but I will not let myself come under the power of any.
        BIBLE 1 Cor 6:12 – I am free to do all things, but will not come under the power of any.
        So Read The Bible please, before you set parameters on what can be eaten by Christians – especially Romans Chapter 14 & many other New Testament verses.

  39. Carole says:

    Disgusted to hear of Halal certification. This is not an Islamic country and the huge majority of the population is not Muslim. I will now boycott all of your products. Disgraceful.

  40. Emma says:

    I am disgusted as to what food I am eating that is halal without my knowledge. If you give Muslims the choice then surely you should give Christians the choice too?? I will no longer be buying ANY of your products.

  41. Andrea says:

    Shame on Tate and Lyle for pandering to these people. I will not be buying their products again.

    They should hand back their ‘By Royal Appointment’ label as well, as I’m sure the pro-halal stance was not in force when this was awarded to them!!

  42. Shadia says:

    As a Muslim I can eat 99.99% of all foods and drink in UK. All HALAL. I can shop in any supermarket. Go to to any restaurant or cafe and eat 99.99% of the menu. We Muslims know our religion….we don’t need companies or restaurants displaying HALAL certified on their labels…bcoz when I go into supermarket…I buy ANY sugar…I don’t need Tate and Lyle to tell me ‘this sugar is halal’ ALL sugars are halal…we don’t look at brands or labels. Likewise I don’t need Mcdonalds to tell me ‘This fish burger is halal certified’ or this French fries or milkshake is HALAL..I know EVERY fish HALAL whether it’s in McDonalds fish burgers or local shops tuna sandwiches!
    So people….next Time ur at local supermarket ‘Boycotting all halal products’ take out anything that came from a plant or grown in the ground…that’s all fruit and veg..plant oils, All Sugars, tea,All flours, everything that is plant origin…
    Next take out all things that come from the sea…ur prawns to fish fingers…tuna
    Then take out all the diary….milk, butters, cheese, eggs, etc….Even chocolate!
    The see what FOOD u have left in your trolly….YES you have the bacon and alcohol left…maybe few chicken or lamb cops… But what are you gonna eat with???? You can’t even make an ENGLISH breakfast…bcoz your ‘Boycotting HALAL remember…

    • BoycottHalal says:

      You have completely missed the point… We are Boycotting anything halal certified.
      Halal certificate as Bid‘ah, Zulm, and Shirk
      1. Halal certificate is a Bid‘ah(reproachable innovation), because no one have dared to innovate Halal certificate in Islamic history since the era of the Prophet Muhammad(ss) until the last day of the Ottoman Caliphate, neither great Caliphs nor Sultans, needless to say of Ulama` of Sunni 4 schools, despite they have enough authority and legitimacy of making it.
      (1) Halal certificate is nothing but an imitation of Kosher certificate
      (2) In Islam there is no priesthood or religious institution to “officially” authorize the doctrine
      (3) Issuing Halal certificate is never included in the Ahkam Sultaniyyah.
      (4) Any government which does not carry out the above mentioned obligations has no Islamic political authority at all.
      2. Imposing Halal certificate on people is a Zulm(injustice), especially in case of being accompanied with demanding money for issuing it and preventing free trade of people banning them to declare their own things as Halal.
      (1) Every Muslim can sell his own properties without need of getting permission from any person or organization as far as it is lawful. So preventing such sales or imposing permission is a Zulm, injustice.
      (2) As for the slaughtered meat, only its slaughterer is qualified to say whether it is properly slaughtered or not, none else, on the condition that he has the knowledge of Islamic rules of slaughter.
      (3) Unless one is with the slaughterer, observing how to slaughter throughout the whole process in all the cases, his certificate can not accepted as the Islamic lawful testimony.
      (4) It is impossible to certify that the meat is Halal, because the conditions of the Halal of the meet are innumerable… Only thing we can do is to judge it as Haram.
      (5) In fact, an owner of Muslim restaurant was prevented from selling until she bought a halal certificate… Halal certificate is violation of Islamic freedom of trade, thus Zulm.
      3. Halal is what Allah makes it Halal in Qur`an, i.e., it is the prerogative of Allah to decide what is Halal. Allah only names some general categories as Halal and trust people to decide by themselves whether individual concrete things which they deal with are Halal or not. Thus declaring Halal on the individual things of the people, not general categories, is not only the violation on the right of the people but also the usurpation of the prerogative of Allah, the Sole Legislator, i.e., Shirk (polytheism) .
      No one or no institution can authorize things as Halal officially to impose their judgement on Muslims. Especially, we should not trust in any anti-Islamic organization which neglects the rejection of enforcement of penalties prescribed by Shari‘ah, Hudud and the violation of the prohibition of Riba (usury) issuing Halal certificate.
      HALAL CERTIFICATES ARE BIDDAH – a new innovation – Worse than sins!
      WAKE UP!
      So it is not suprising that out of 57 OIC member countries less than five have Halal Certification Bodies!

    • BoycottHalal says:

      You are so small minded and disrespectful Shadia.
      I suggest you stop being a bigot and try to lower yourself just a little bit, to try & understand our mindset as Non-muslims…
      Then maybe we could begin to respect each other’s point of view.
      This article might help you… if you allow it.
      We Muslims should be appalled by the sale of halal meat by stealth
      We Muslims should be appalled by the sale of halal meat by stealth By DR TAJ HARGEY

  43. Shadia says:

    Realistically…..the only things u can boycott is the halal meat….if you don’t agree how it’s been slaughtered. MEAT is the only food…Muslims generally look to see ‘halal certification’ NOT sugars, and fruits and veg!
    And by MEAT I mean….beef, lamb and chicken….bcoz no amount of blessings will ever make a pig halal!
    So boycott Muslim butchers, boycott the local Muslim kebab shop.. But that’s all you can do. Every other food that is halal is halal automatically to all Muslims. It’s not Tate and Lyle fault that sugar canes don’t grow on pigs! Sugar has always been halal and always will be whether u boycott Tate and Lyle or not….
    Same as all the other foods….if your own shop sells an apple…and they can stick a halal sticker on that apple it they want or on all their tuna products but….Muslims don’t care….it makes no difference. God already told us hundreds on years ago all plant food or anything from sea is automatically halal. I don’t need mcdonalds or asda to tell me this French fries is halal….it’s made from potatoes for god sake.

    • BoycottHalal says:

      The majority of us will not be becoming vegetarians – we will Boycott Halal Certified Meat AND all the HARAM MEAT REJECTS you sell off cheap to our supermarkets and big meat buyers.
      We boycott halal meat because we refuse all halal certified products & services… and that includes all Dairy & Confectionery that has Halal Animal bi-products.
      How disrespectful the halal industry has been in Non-Islamic countries to the host nation’s Non-halal majority population.
      You ought to feel ashamed… and I have met many muslims that DO feel ashamed at the shocking way that those self appointed Halal Authority muslims have conducted themselves in Non-islamic nations. Imagine if we went to any of the OIC Countries and did the same! Well that would not be allowed would it! Would it? No.
      So take another long hard look at what is happening.
      Halal Certificates are a New Innovation… they have only been around for about 30 years… Your grandparents would not have had them & did they starve? – NO!
      They looked at what they were going to eat, used common sense to check if it is halal (permissible) & if it looked ok – they would do what they are told to do in the Qur’an…
      Pray over their food, then eat & drink it.
      Ask your Imam about halal certificates – are they permissible? Are they a new innovation? If so they are worse than sins – they are Bid’ah!
      They are causing division between us and you, but we still say…
      IF you want halal certificates, you can have them… as long as You pay for them – NOT us.
      We are NOT Followers of Islam and do not want Halal Certificates at all… and we certainly don’t want to pay for them.
      So we will – BOYCOTT HALAL – and I hope you understand what that means now – from our perspective as well as your own.
      SECONDLY – NOT all Sugar is halal certified – we will Boycott Tate & Lyle, because we Know it is halal certified.
      It is as simple as that – we are not interested in authenticity. If a company have paid halal fees – we Boycott that company completely – ALL their Brands.
      The water coming out of our Tap is NOT halal certified… it is water – we drink it.
      Are YOU going to drink Non-halal Tap Water too?
      Ah – I know – you will call it ‘halal’ – ok… We don’t call it ‘halal’ – So then it seems we are both OK to drink it!
      Now if SIEMENS Water Treatment [SWT] was controlling UK water systems – I would Boycott the water coming out of my tap, because SWT is Halal Certified by IFANCA Worldwide & says…

      “The bulk of the [SWT] business is geared to the standards in North America.
      Beyond that, the rest of the worldwide market is highly fragmented and dominated by local solutions.”

      As far businesses putting water in bottles goes… if it is Halal Certified – we Boycott Halal… if it is not… We Support & trade with Non-halal business… it is as simple as that.

  44. Andrew Wildman says:

    WHY have you done this, “Proudly British” don’t make me laugh if a firm like your condones the slaughter of animals in this way you should be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves

  45. James byrne says:

    You have lost me and my family as customers we won’t pay to have this rammed down our throats. Word we be spread and doubt Muslims interested in your products anyway . Tate and vile

  46. fred east says:

    That’s very sad. Can you tell us why you would want to do such a stupid thing? Halal certification just promotes islam and islam terrorism it is anti British and we don’t want it. I expect all big companies think if you all go halal we will have no choice and you may be right but we can’t see how it benefits you in anyway whatsoever. The patriots of Britain will fight this stupidity.

  47. John O'Dwyer says:

    For as long as I can remember we have chosen Tate & Lyle in preference to store brands, but from now on it’s store brands only.

  48. becky says:

    I am absolutely infuriated. It seems this unecessary barbarism is growing at a more than alarming rate. It is a disgrace that a british company such as this is supporting the discrimination of non muslims and taking away their right to choose what they eat or dont eat. I wont be buying anything by you again. Disgrace to the uk

  49. andrew johnson says:

    Having grown up with the familiar tin of tate &lyle treacle particularly on pancake day,i will no longer be purchasing any of their products.

  50. rob gallon says:

    Totally descusted no more Tate and lyle in my little piece of ENGLAND.

  51. kierin treanor says:

    as you have paid for halal certification, which is unnecessary for the majority of people in this country, could you please tell us how much this certification cost you, and how much of that cost will be passed onto you`re products which you expect us non-muslims to buy

  52. tamalyn roberts says:

    really upset as i have been a loyal british fan for 40 years of their golden syrup!

  53. tamalyn roberts says:

    maybe we should start taking these companies to court and we act like the minorities we actually are in our own country!

    my asda – the most popular complaint since they opened their new store in my town was the lack of halal meat – my asda now has a lovely new halal shelf!

  54. It is not the fact of being force fed halal it is the choice we no longer have this underhand dealing is typical of muslims I bought T n L sugar n golden syrup for years actively searching for the brand name because it was “British !” yet another firm has sold its soul will not be using again

  55. laura jane seagrave says:

    Great Britain is not an Islamic country and sharia/halal certification has no place in this country. Apart from the dubious nature of some of these licensing authorities and their possible links to terrorism, why pay for something (no doubt passed onto your consumers)that is unwanted by the majority of the Christian/secular population. I and many others are boycotting firms and their products which involve themselves in this unsavoury practice. I think the comments posted probably reflect the opinions of the majority of the non muslim population so ignore them at your peril.

  56. RB says:

    “Happy to be halal certified!” Certified be more appropriate. Never again will I buy a Tate & Lyle product, & will spread the news.

  57. Glor says:

    If you are so proud of your halal certification why don’t you put a little picture of a terrorist on your label?
    Then we would all know where your loyalties lie. It’s certainly not with the British people who made your firm what it is.

  58. I am disgusted at the fact you are halal , will not be buying from now on .

  59. Patricia says:

    As we here in Australia are having the same problem as you in Britain, having to put up with halal certification crap, this is the biggest rort on western countries ever.

    We have a class action starting in Aus to get halal certification banned as it is against the Australian Constitution and also against our Fair Trading laws.

    Our face book group is Class Action Halal, our webpage(still under construction) is http://www.halalclassaction.org

  60. Penny Andrew says:

    I am not a vegetarian ‘nor a just moved to the country townee. I am a farmer’s daughter and enjoy eating meat.
    I rear pigs, sheep and poultry to help feed a large and extended family. My animals are lovingly reared and go to slaughter unafraid of man, are stunned and dispatched with as much care as possible. Were I to hang them up and cut their throats whilst they were still aware I would be prosecuted and rightly so!!
    I rang around the supermarkets yesterday to ask who sells and supports this evil practice. Well, I will never shop at Morrisons, Sainsbury or Tesco again, not even to buy “halal” diesel. Asda were adamant that they do not support this method of slaughter. I was told by a representative of Sainsburys that”they liked to give their customers an informed choice” Tell that, said I to the poor bloody sheep who has NO choice.

    • BoycottHalal says:

      Note that Asda are lying to you – they do sell unlabelled halal meat as well.
      Asda is also listed as halal certified in the FIS COMPANIES DIRECTORY – ASDA IS HALAL CERTIFIED
      ASDA - Halal Certified in FIS Companies Directory

  61. Jenny Asquith says:

    Thanks for this important information. I’m concerned about the sufferring of animals inflicted by halal practices. I will be definitely making an effort to boycott any products that are halal, including Lyles Golden Syrup.

  62. Leanne Douglas says:

    Well, sad to say…no more Golden Syrup for me….unbelievable!!!

  63. megan caaaarter says:

    I am horrified to find that what I thought was a reputable company to be registered halal and all that means. I shall not be buying any more of our products and will tell all my friends and acquaintances.

  64. Gloria van der togt says:

    I will not be buying the above products, very surprised that the company thinks it’s ok , shame on them, not australuan
    Where does all the money go,? I belueve all meat is slaughterd halal way it’s financially easier.
    I am finished buying meat.

  65. I am gutted to think that tate and lyle are HAPPY to be halal ceritified ,i didnt know they had anything to do with halal.but i wont be buying any more .it is disgusting to think that they pander to the minority .in this country ,and why do they have to use halal.what is wrong with our products .i felt sorry when i heard that tate and lyle .might go under .but i hope they do now .and serve them right

  66. Valerie says:

    I’ve just read all the comments above and agree with most of them, so what have you TATE & LYLE got to say about what your customers have said you are helping to fund TERRORISTS AND MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD?

  67. Steve says:

    Yep another customer lost.

  68. Michael St John says:

    I will not be buying your product I do not support or eat halal what I am a Christian. It is against my belief to eat food prepared as halal

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