Halal Meat – Authenticity Issues

3 Responses to Halal Meat – Authenticity Issues

  1. Tony parker says:

    And you think k this is right to cruelly slaughter in this way?

    • BoycottHalal says:

      Of course it is not right to slaughter animals following these unnecessarily cruel rituals – especially when the meat is deemed to have lost its halal status if it is not sold by muslims.
      Over 90% of of the populations in most Non-islamic countries are Not followers of Islam and therefore do Not require halal Ritually Slaughtered meat or poultry at all…. they require conventional meat that has been properly stunned to the point of Irreversible Unconsciousness and to a state of Permanent Insensitivity to pain.
      Halal meat should be a niche market, as kosher is. Putting halal meat mainstream is completely unnecessary and results in completely unnecessary cruelty on a huge scale.

  2. Sally Webster says:

    How can we prevent the cruelty of animals be slaughtered for Halal meat?

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